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Monday, November 8th, 2010

One meal down.

I seriously have sugar love.

Eating a full and delicious meal like this still leaves me feeling unfed, because there’s no banana or apple or cereal or preferably, all three.

Finally, however, we’re moving into more fall like weather. Sure, it’s supposed to be almost 70 again today. But?

Crockett busted out the puffy green vest.

I love the puffy green vest.

Almost as much as I love bananas.

follow through

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Yesterday was a day of big plans and very little success.

Planned: start my hearth healthy diet, do homework, clean my house in preparation for the lunch I’m having today, run, and then head down to Denver for a sleepover with some of my favorite ladies.

However, I woke up at Crockett’s and hadn’t given him appropriate notice with regard to the diet. Plus, he grocery shops like once every three weeks, so even if I had it’s unlikely he would have been able to whip up a super fancy low carb low fat phase 1 South Beach appropriate breakfast. He did well though – he busted out his signature delicious weekend breakfast staple. ______ chilaquiles.

Chilaquiles, if you’re not familiar, are usually tortilla chips cooked with salsa and eggs, making sort of a crispy eggy tasty mashup. Crockett has developed an ability to turn anything into a delicious chilaquile. This particular version was based on leftover barbeque chicken pizza. South Beach friendly? Nope. Delicious? Yes.

Then we spent several hours attempting to install Snow Leopard on my Dell, after I swapped out my RAM and hard drive for faster and larger versions, respectively. Apparently, such a thing is called a Hackintosh. Hackintosh. Say it out loud, it’s fun.

Sadly, we failed, and I had to come home and reinstall XP. (There was a failed Windows 7 attempt in there somewhere too, if you’re curious. And I call myself a computer scientist.)

I spent an hour or so in the kitchen making zucchini cakes and soup for my lunch today. The zucchini cakes are grated zucchini, pumpkin soup, and eggs. I made a whole bunch, because zucchini apparently quadruples in size when you grate it. Who knew.

Then I returned to setting up my computer, and did so for many many hours. Apparently. In my defense, I had a lot of programs to install.

Our sleepover was postponed due to sickness andĀ ennui.

I even managed to bore my girls. Maida found it necessary to take every toy out of the box, one by one, and strew them across the floor. (Can you tell which one is her?)

“Bored now, Mom. Entertain me.” I took them for a night walk, which we don’t usually do. Crockett was downtown crashing the parties of strangers. (That’s true.)

Night dogs – much shinier than day dogs.

I did well at lunch, South Beach wise. I did. I had zucchini cakes and a handful of almonds. However, at dinner, I cracked.

I think I have a sugar problem.