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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Why can motivation not be betlled and sold, like energy?

I would buy 5 Hour Motivation in a bottle, yo.

Failing that, though, I’m attempting to undergo something of a motivational makeover.

By that I mean I got up at 6:30 this morning to run…

and yesterday I did that speed workout that I missed on Tuesday. (There’s a track back there, swear.)

I remembered my shoes this time by using 1 simple trick that I will share with you now:

Put them on your feet before you leave the house.

I know, I’m doing groundbreaking work over here.

I did so much work that Maida fell asleep from boredom.

Or she fell asleep because she’s alternately lazy and psycho. One of those two things.

I had a buffa-faux chicken salad – greens!

(See what I did there? Buffa-faux? Because it’s not real chicken? I know. I’m on fire today.)

Salad. Running. Work.

It’s like I have a motivation station in my brain and it’s firing itself back up.

Also, were you aware that the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism held a contest recently for a new way to label nutrition on foods?

How much does this one that they chose as the winner rock? It makes SO MUCH sense.