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good freaking point

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

This morning, while I was at school waiting for a class to start, I read an article called What We Eat While We Wait for Thanksgiving over at The Kitchn.

Then I went grocery shopping.

(Ok – first I waited for my classes to end. And I actually had to go to the store anyway. But for the sake of this narrative, let’s pretend I read the article and immediately jaunted off to the market, ok?)

IMG 2766

I absolutely love fall food. I love squash and pumpkin and apples and sweet potatoes. To put a finer point on it: I love Thanksgiving food.

Turkey? Yes. Brussels sprouts? Yes. Sweet potato casserole? Yes.

Cranberry sauce?

Fuck. Yes.

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, and I’ve already been perusing recipes for a Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

Then I read that article, and Costco had 3 pound bags of fresh cranberries for $4.99, and I felt like I was hit over the head by a culinary anvil.


We fill certain foods away in certain slots, and for me cranberry sauce never made it out of it’s little niche – until today. I came home, I threw 4 cups of the cranberries into a pot with 1/4 cup each of sugar and orange juice and 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and I let it bubble away while I toasted a piece of bread, spread it with goat cheese, and heated some boxed butternut squash soup.

IMG 2767

It was Thanksgiving in my mouth. And there’s more in my fridge.

I’m glad I finally woke up.

What foods do you love but wait to eat?

starry starry night

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I did mention that I have a perfectly good office, right?

I do.

I swear.

My working at the coffee table is a choice.

P.S. Yes, this is instant coffee. What? Crockett had been out of town for like 12 hours, and he’s the coffee maker. I no longer stock my pre-ground beans, and turns out when he’s not around to grind ‘em I’m just not that motivated.

When I work at the coffee table, I sit on the floor.

Cloey think that means she gets to lord it over me.

Maida, on the other hand, finds it all just tooooo boring.

My orchids were not doing well in this window – but don’t they look pretty with the snow?

Are you asking yourself if this is the same coffee table at lunch as it was at breakfast?

It is.

Are you asking yourself if I moved between lunch and breakfast?

I didn’t, aside from the preparation required for said lunch and breakfast. And said preparation was minimal. I microwaved some broccoli soup (from a box, not as good as the butternut squash but not bad) and then microwaved a Chik’n pattie, and then chopped the pattie up for toast with Franks wing sauce.

Some days a microwave is a girl’s best friend.

These are scrambled eggs. Topped with salsa. On whole wheat bread.

And wait, is that more broccoli soup?

Yes, yes it is.

You know what else it is, though?


That’s right.

The downstairs one.

Dinner: Coffee table – 0, Emma – 1.

I felt much better this morning. I consider this cold mostly defeated. Better enough to use the¬†elliptical¬†while watching Glee (no I didn’t cry jesus christ why would you even ask ok fine I DID are you happy now?) and then do sit-ups, even. Maida acted as my sit-up buddy.

In an effort to branch out from the Morningstar Farm Chik’n patties of yesterday, I microwaved a salmon cake and smooshed it up to put on toast with green chili mustard for lunch.

Not pictured except where that green mug very slightly appears in the corner: more broccoli soup.

I took a very slight homework break today to go to Lowe’s and find some alternate plants for the window, so I could move the poor scorched orchids out of the direct sun. Now I have aloe and … three other things whose names I’ve already forgotten. That’s ok, though – they’re all ‘bright light’ babies.