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Friday, January 6th, 2012

I know, I’m not trying to eat more healthily. Don’t you just want vegetables sometimes, though?

IMG 2843

Sweet potato and spaghetti squash curry.

IMG 2844

Green beans…

IMG 2848

Roasted with garlic. Have you ever roasted green beans? I don’t know why this is new to me – I’ve roasted every other vegetable under the sun. They got all hot and wrinkly and delicious.

IMG 2846

Green goddess smoothies.

IMG 2850

And sort-of miso soup.

This was loosely based on Deb’s Carrot Soup with Miso and Sesame, but I ended up changing a bunch of the proportions and adding apples because I didn’t want leftovers and then when I went to get the carrots, I had half as many as I thought I had and half of those were kind of slimy. Basically, it could have come out better.

Still, though – vegetables! In January! It’s almost like I’m making an effort!

Speaking of making an effort, I signed up for a half marathon that’s on April 1st. (Yes, I double checked. It’s a real race.)


I even have a plan.

Again – almost like I’m making a new year’s effort, here.

well hello lovah

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Guys, I’m not going to lie.

I just got home from a happy hour that turned into two and a half hours that were happy.

If this post seem a little tipsy, it’s because it is.

You guys, I yelled at a stranger yesterday. I was on the phone with one of my best friends afterwards telling her about how I didn’t understand why I’d turned into a crazy person for the last two weeks….

and then I remembered that I hadn’t eaten sugar for two weeks.

I immediately proceeded to go out with Crockett for sandwiches.

IMG 2443

I ate the remainder for breakfast this morning.

A meatball sandwich for breakfast sounds weird but is quite delicious.

Then school beat the hell out of me. You know that thing where a teacher hands one student the whole pile of homework and that student takes his or her assignment and passes it to the next person?

By the time it got to me, I had the lowest grade remaining in the pile.

Sometimes I hate school.

That was the point at which I started googling law school and the LSAT. I feel like I wouldn’t have the lowest grade at law shcool.

IMG 2444

When I got home, I made a peach, oatmeal, and spinach smoothie.

You know, because I’m eating sugar again.

So ugly. So delicious.

IMG 2445

I started to study for my Mathematical Statistics exam and realized that I’m almost halfway through my notebook for that class, even though I’m only 6 and a half weeks into the semester.

Obviously we’re going to have to take a couple of weeks off, in order to return to an appropriate notebook/lecture balance.

IMG 2447

Thank the happy hour heavens for Yvonne and her drive to drag me away from homework. I was reluctant, but it was the right call.

IMG 2448

Perhaps the chips helped.

IMG 2449

The queso was (maybe) the deciding factor.

Oh wait.

The fabulous conversation was the deciding factor.

Whatever. I’m glad I went to happy hour.

Funny story – I put a big old brined pork butt into a dutch oven at like 1 this afternoon. (Funny story two – the reason that I didn’t put it into the slow cooker is because I inadvertently set the slow cooker on fire last week. WHAT? Slow cookers totally burn.) Then? I forgot. When I got home from happy hour at 8:30, I smelled delicious pork and realized it was still in there.

You guys, I never understood before what people meant when they said meat was like butter.

I do now.

IMG 2453

Since Crockett and I had already eaten, I packed it up for the rest of the week.

And also made coleslaw.

IMG 2451

If both (or either) prove to be delicious, I will share how I went about it.

P.S. I cut myself while making coleslaw, and it’s gross. Totally minor, but gross. If you want to see, scroll on down.

IMG 2454

I know that there are worse things, but this was weird. I don’t know why I was holding a knife. I used forks to shred the pork. The cabbage was pre-shredded.

Basically I’m not great with sharp things, I guess? Are you good with knives? Are there people who own the whole sharp edges thing?

bagel in the morning, bagel in the evening…

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Bagel at suppertime. When a bagel is turned into pizza you can have BAGELS anytime.

Wait, what?

I made bagels.

From this recipe, that The Wednesday Chef adapted from Peter Reinhart’s bagel recipe. I used bread flour and honey, in case you’re wondering.

I made a double batch, which is good, because it’s sort of a hassle. Not a CRAZY hassle, but you’ll have bagel dough kicking around your kitchen for like 18 hours. It will get in the way, it will cover your hands in a weird layer of flour, etc.

This pizza isn’t the first thing I did with my bagels. First I just ate one. And then I ate half another one. And THEN I made a little bagel pizza.

See how crusty and delicious they are on the outside?

They’re super chewy and delicious on the inside.

This is how I ate my breakfast bagel.

With a tomato.

And light cream cheese.

I’m going to run for an hour as soon as I get off the computer.

So I added a smoothie to my breakfast.

You know, to support the hour of running.

It’s the ugliest smoothie ever, I know.

It’s because there are both spinach and cherries in it.

Also? The other night I made this:

Ginger soy mahi-mahi.

It wasn’t very good, but I blame my heavy soy sauce hand more than the recipe. I bet the recipe was good.


Either way, we had fish. Which is brain food. And bagels, which are brain food.

I may have made that second part up.


Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.

I mean, I’ve been doing homework, and cooking, and stuff.

But nothing very exciting.

And also sometimes I just get lazy about the internet.

My computer sometimes really loudly screams DO YOUR HOMEWORK at me, and I can’t sit down at it, because then the screaming is so loud I can’t concentrate on my blog. Or It’s all very sad.

My food has been boring me. I mean, even if you’re a big deal, how much damn muesli can you eat?

Even if you make a delicious berry sauce (frozen mixed berries and honey heated up together – I’m so slick) – seriously, you can lose your desire for muesli.

That’s why this morning was motherfuckin’ smoothie time.

Last week, my dad came for dinner. He’s working his butt off lately.

I wanted to make him dinner, and I hoped to be inspired.

Don’t get me wrong. We had a good time. At some point, they were smiling, but I kept yelling “LOOK SADDER, DUDES”!

When I put the food down, my dad couldn’t hold the smiles in any longer. Can you blame him? It was june bowls!

June bowls. I mean, they’re delicious. But…

A couple of my girlfriends came over the night after that (this was like a week ago, so at this point I’m a little unclear about which night I’m talking about).

I made salad.

June bowls and salad.

Where is my creativity?

Because I’m feeling a distinct lack of blah blah blah, I made Crockett make me guacamole for lunch yesterday.

At some point I’m going to have to watch him make this, so I can give you guys the recipe.

Everyone who has ever eaten it declares it the best guac ever.

If I watch him make it, though, then I’ll know how, and I won’t be able to insist that he make it for me anymore.

A distinct lack of blah blah blah.

See? I’m not even motivated enough to figure out what it is that I’m lacking. Fortunately, the guac did temporarily assuage the problem …

Enough so that I made a dual pizza.

Pizza dough: Whole Foods.

Green side: olive oil, blanched spinach, goat cheese, very thin potatoes, oregano, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper.

Red side: olive oil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, oregano, basil, salt, pepper, and chopped pine nuts.

Oh, and shaved romano. Afterwards. All over.

It was delicious.

It completely drained my mojo.

Perhaps the fact that we ate it all will replenish said mojo.

I need inspiration.



Saturday, February 19th, 2011

My momma turned 60 years old yesterday!

Wait, let’s back up.

I sort of feel like I’ve been all cookies all the time since Valentines day, so yesterday I decided to start off with a nice fruitful smoothie instead.

Mmmm, smoothie. I finally bought Grape Nuts, so I’m back to my yogurt/milk/frozen banana/blueberries/Grape Nuts combination. Crunchy and delicious.

Crockett left last night for two ski trips. It’s all very exciting – first he’s going to Vail with some old friends, and then he’s driving to Crested Butte with some other old friends. All of these friends are men, so if you’re picturing nine days of snowboarding, cigars, and scotch, you’re probably not far off. At least, that’s how I picture it. Perhaps right now they’re sitting around discussing how much they miss their girlfriends. Who knows.

We had some crucial Costco shopping to do before he left, so we ended up nibbling on Costco snacks and eating a late lunch.

We’re still working our way through the Asian Cabbage Casserole from Sunday. I swear to god it’s actually multiplying in the fridge, and now that he’s gone the remaining servings are up to me. Making an appropriate amount of food for two people is proving to be something of a challenge – more than twice what I needed alone, but less than a full family size.

Then, it was BIRTHDAY TIME!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. My wonderful mother turned 60 years old yesterday.

See her, there towards the right, already getting ready to walk away and welcome more guests?

One of her good friends put together this great party in the back room of The Cactus Wheel in downtown Louisville. There were 30+ people there, and we had margaritas and all sorts of fun. My mom is a competitive sprinter and cyclist, and most of her friends are as well, so this was a room full of athletic fabulousness.

She got all kinds of fun cards and presents.

That’s my hand-drawn hilarity in the top right corner.

In case you were wondering.

Crockett came by to say happy birthday to my mom, before he took off to pick up his friends from the airport. He and my dad had a beer and talked about all the crazy athletes in the room.

I had tilapia tacos, which were great. I think we overwhelmed the Cactus Wheel’s tiny kitchen, because the food came out in fits and spurts and mine took an awfully long time. It’s a small restaurant, and 30 people ordering at once must’ve hit them hard. Everything was good, though.

We had cake (also courtesy of my  mom’s lovely friend Valerie). And then? Things started to get a little goofy.

Like, helium sucking goofy.

I gave my mom a new updo, appropriate for her new age, and, then I went home. You know, sometimes grown ups don’t want their kids around to witness their goofiness.

Happy Birthday Mom!

simplest song there isn’t much to it

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Tuesday is my long day. I leave the house at breakfast time and come home at dinner time.

It’s not my favorite day, for that reason, but two of my classes are seminar style, so I get to talk a lot. I like to talk a lot. So that helps.

I made smoothies for breakfast in the non-fluffy-smoothie maker (i.e. not the food processor) and it made me 7 minutes late getting out the door, so I forgot to take pictures. Mine was cherry. Crockett’s, because I’m holding onto those frozen cherries like they’re frozen gold (or just regular gold), was blueberry. Both had spinach.

Veggies for breakfast. That’s how we do it.

I had about forty five minutes to kill after doing my campus errands. Not quite long enough to get to my car, get my gym clothes, change, work out, change back, and eat. Also, I didn’t feel like it.

Yes, I have a half marathon in like six weeks. Shut up.

I used my forty five minutes to take pictures around campus. And eat lunch. Above, you see a sculpture of donkeys, necking. You’re welcome.

I just love these buildings. The near one is the computer science building (so technically my building), and the far one is the math building and the one I have my office in.

Speaking of my office (yes, I am a master of the written transition, thank you for noticing), that’s where I ate my lunch. Ham and low-fat (i.e. heart healthy – at this point the two most useful words you can use when describing my heart healthy diet are ‘lip’ and ‘service’) cheddar and a pink lady apple.

Then? When I went to my Theory of Computation class (as awesome as it sounds)? I noticed that there is a soda machine in the hallway…

… that accepts credit cards.

Here’s the thing. I almost bought $1.50 Diet Pepsi with my credit card just because I could, and I don’t even really like Diet Pepsi. Diet Coke girl, right here.

There’s something about monochromatic campus scenes that really appeal.

To me. Appeal to me.

I mean, maybe they appeal to you too. I don’t really know. But isn’t that pretty?

After my very long day, I felt like being not in my brain. You know that feeling?

I decided to make soup. Brainless soup.

That name works on many levels.

Step 1) Garlic.

Step 2) One can sweet potato puree (from Crockett’s cupboard, where there is a wealth of unexpected food and yet no vanilla), and two cans of black beans (also from the cupboard).

Not pictured, a tablespoon or so of dried onions.

Here’s the thing. My dad used dried onions in the spaghetti sauce we always had growing up, and our last name ends in an i, and dried onions are always there when you need them (I’m looking at you, fresh onions that fail to jump into my basket at the grocery store). I’ve embraced the beauty of dried onions.

Step 3) Put chopped garlic, can of potatoes, 1 can of beans, onions, and 1 tbs olive oil into a big pot. Turn on the heat and stir it all up until it starts to sizzle.

Step 4) Add some stock, or, if you’re me, some vegetable flavored Better than Bullion and some water. I used a black bean can full of water. I recommend you use more than that – our soup ended up a little more like dip than we ultimately desired.

Step 4) Open that can of chipotle peppers you bought for some other recipe you didn’t end up making and pull out one pepper. ONE, people. This is not supposed to be a spicy soup. Chop it up and throw it into the big pan.

Step 5) Using a) an immersion blender or b) a food processor (if you’re a glutton for punishment), mix up everything that’s already in the pan. I went smooth, which may have contributed to the whole ‘dip’ problem. When you’re to your desired smoothity, add the other can of black beans. (If you want a truly smooth soup, you can add both cans at the beginning and whir it all up, just make sure you add enough water to make it soupy and not bean puree’y.)

Step whatever-we’re-on) If your boyfriend got down the chocolate while you were making his tall ass get your necessary ingredients out of the cupboard, throw some in. What the hell.

Step whatever-we’re-on + 1) If you bought two pounds of crimini mushrooms at Costco last week with no clear plan on how to use them, saute about eight ounces up with a little more olive oil, some salt, a smidge of whatever you’re drinking while cooking (beer would be good, wine will do), and about a teaspoon of the adobo sauce the chipotles were canned in.

Put the soup in a bowl. Crush tortilla chips on top, then dump mushrooms over the the whole mess.


It was good, y’all.

Everybody loves a Tuesday.

dear internets

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

There’s nothing like watching your man put the dishes away while he makes coffee and you do your seriously Sunday morning lounging.

After he cleared out, I made smoothies.

Since I was making two and my little smoothie blender has been working awfully hard just to make one lately, I used the food processor.

Ingredients: three handfuls of baby spinach, half cup of lowfat cottage cheese, half a fresh banana, half a frozen banana, milk, and frozen blueberries. Ingredients I forgot: raw oatmeal.

The food processor made the smoothie fluffy.

It was weird.

Properly fortified, we finally got around to taking down the Christmas tree. This is an ornament I made for him in 2009 (I know, you totally couldn’t tell), our first Christmas as a couple.

I know, I’m adorable.

This is my favorite of his ornaments. Even though the shininess of the adjoining ornaments made it impossible to focus on it. It came with him to Colorado from his parents house.

Instead of a star, we had a monkey abducting a nutcracker.

We’re subversive like that.

Also represented, a punching nun.

I have no explanation for this.

The tree looks so much less festive without the decorations.

Also, since it’s late January, so much more seasonally appropriate.

I think we should leave gold garland up year round.

This sap looked like diamonds to my eyes, but not to my camera.

I have photo-learning to do.

We stripped the tree, prior to taking it out the door.

At this point, we seriously considered just leaving it.

Because we’re subversive like that.

I went to my old house to pack up my bathroom (finally – also, why I have so many damn bottles of shampoo I have no idea), and came home to fortify myself with chicken stew and beer.

The stew doesn’t deserve a full recipe. It’s basically chicken thighs, kidney beans, pinto beans, crushed tomatoes, chili powder, salt, and cornmeal. Today I added more salt and a little crushed red pepper, and it’s much better, but it still needs help.

Crockett made some gaucamole for me and his brother, who is here. Crockett makes the world’s best guacamole. I may have previously mentioned that.

Then I shared my beer with a nun. This particular nun really enjoys her Newcastle – a woman after my own heart.

Sunday, man.


Friday, January 21st, 2011

Some days I just can’t warm up.

Today was kind of stupid, y’all. I have had this whole job/school thing going on lately, and despite some last minute McGyvering on the part of myself and my prospective boss the job thing has fallen through.

I’m all school all the time.

Except for that consulting business that I’m going to get up and running any second now. And also my blogging. And also some moving into a new house. I keep thinking I’m almost done with that, but I think it takes a lot longer than I’m giving it credit for – the whole moving thing.

On Tuesday I had this whole sadface thing going on because I forgot my lunch and had to eat crappy salad from the salad bar. Salad with weird generic meat and nasty wrinkly mushrooms. Much better: turkey, low fat cheddar, and mustard sandwich on whole wheat bread, eaten while walking from the gym to a meeting.

I was surrounded by lil engineer boys who found my photo taking kind of hilarious. Seriously, one stopped and pointed.

Dude, it’s a pretty sandwich.

I had an orange too, but I chose not to eat it during my meeting. No one likes that orange smell when they can’t have an orange too.

I snuck it in before my next class though. I don’t care if my classmates are jealous of my oranges.

Because I didn’t know if I was going to be school-Emma or work-Emma, I didn’t buy any school books yet. As school Emma, I have no books and therefore can’t do any homework.

Too bad.

I’m obsessively labeling instead.

Why didn’t I just write on the box?

Who can say.

Even the furniture got sticky notes.

The puppy is not amused by the boxes and the fact that her bed is mysteriously MIA.

She has a small brain and can’t seem to remember that she climbed out of it right before getting into the car at Crockett’s.

Part of the house that I haven’t started packing? The bathroom.

Because there’s a lot of crap in there and it’s all little and icky and I have to choose what to do and yada yada yada.

I returned to Crockett’s for a nice warm bowl of chili… but I got lazy and made a dinner smoothie instead.

Dinner smoothie: two handfuls of spinach, a handful of oatmeal, some yogurt, a frozen banana, and milk. In other words, it’s a breakfast smoothie with slightly less fruit.

And club soda.

I love club soda.

Downside of dinner smoothies?

I’m freaking freezing now.


School days, school days

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

I’m going through a whole scheduling thing with school and work right now. Today, though, was all about school – I left the house at 8 am and didn’t roll in until close to 7 tonight.

To fuel the day, I made a spinachy smoothie. I started with oats, milk, cottage cheese, and spinach…

and added frozen blueberries and bananas.

I think my lil smoothie blender, despite being less than six months old, is on it’s last legs. Perhaps I’ve been asking too much of it.

Ok, fine, perhaps I’m not totally done playing around with my new camera.

See how Mines did the M and then Golden High School, above, got all copycatty with the G? The M is way better.

When I was getting all excited about my spinach smoothie I was forgetting about lunch…. so I had to buy a crappy salad from the lunch place on campus. It was crappy. The meat you see in the corner was two kinds – one that looked like ham and one that looked like turkey.

They tasted exactly the same.

That’s never a good sign.

When I got home, Crockett suggested that we perhaps needed someone to make food for us.

This is one of the reasons I find him irresistible.

What is food without an Old Fashioned (him) and a Super Tuscan?

We went to a local italian place called Zucca that we almost never go. The wine, fantastic. The cocktail, mediocre – so I heard.

They had two specials, and instead of going all nuts we just shared both of them. First, a non traditional minestrone. It lacked beans and pasta, hence the non trad.

The lack of included carbs made it all the more ideal for soaking up with bread.

The second dish was a pasta that honestly I didn’t really listen to the description of. If pressed, I’d say it was a creamy puttanesca with sauteed mushrooms, grilled chicken, and fresh spinach. Hopefully, no one will press, because I’m pretty sure I’m missing at least one key adjective. However, it was damn tasty.

Now my stomach sort of hurts, because that was a lot of acid for one meal.

Totally worth it, though.

it’s important to eat

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

It turns out that when I feel overtaxed in my head, my desire to branch out in my belly is the first thing to go. For the last two weeks of the semester, breakfast was a  smoothie…


or eggs, Crockett style.

I also put the slow cooker into heavy rotation, and made some baked beans and some pulled pork. I bought a bag of pre-shredded cabbage – I swear it’s cheaper – and made coleslaw as needed.

There’s a bbq place here in Boulder county called KT’s. They have a menu item called the June Bowl, which is three of their menu items layered in a styrofoam container and covered in bbq sauce. I always get the beans, pork, and coleslaw. This was my homemade approximation. The bbq sauce I buy at the store is definitely different – I want it to be more vinegary and less sweet. I should probably just learn how to make my own. Recipe recommendations?

Anyway, this was lunch days 4-10, probably.

Crockett got me out of the house for a calamari salad once, and did his best to make me laugh.

The squid on the ketchup did it.

As did the beer stash.

Isn’t he the best?

Anyway, I didn’t waste away to nothing, so clearly food was had. However, I’m so ready to get back to new things – healthy and tasty and exciting things.

And more calamari salad, of course.