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do zombies like salad?

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

I’m having a weird week – I have this thing where I just get these headaches every day for a few days, and then no headaches for ages. Since it’s cyclical, I suspect it’s a girl thing? Cyclical things always are. Stupid cycles.

Anyway, it always makes me feel kind of off. My sleep patterns get wonky, because of naps, and I don’t feel like my brain is working at it’s full potential.

Oh, and one of my aunts thinks that she got bedbugs at the lodge this weekend. That’s not really helping with the sleep.

I’m not telling you this for any useful reason, it’s just true. I should have blogged last night, but I actually forgot. Like, forgot I was a blogger. I watched The Walking Dead and also watched Crockett fold laundry instead.

Brain dead, zombie style.


Other examples: those things attaching my hand to the puppies? Yeah, those are belts. I couldn’t remember where I’d left their leashes.

I took this picture (why, oh why, do blackberries mold so fast?) without realizing there was a ghost (alternately, a thumb) in the upper left corner.

Don’t worry, these blackberries weren’t moldy. It’s just that I had to eat like four pints in two days to be able to make that be a true statement.

This morning, post extremely slow one mile run, I carried around my breakfast shake and iced coffee all morning while getting ready…

and then with three minutes left before I had to leave, realized I hadn’t consumed any of either of them. Even though, yes, they accompanied me to the bathroom sink.

Anyway, can I tell you guys about the best and easiest salad dressing ever? I can? Awesome. I made it last night, even with my wonky headspace issues.

Miso Dressing

2 tablespoons sweet white miso paste
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 1/2 teaspoons rice vinegar

Smoosh everything together until completely combined and toss with salad, preferably a chunky one. (The dressing doesn’t work better on chunky salads, I just don’t really approve of salads that aren’t full of stuff). Makes about two servings.

There are a lot of options here, of course.

  • You can add a little water if it seems too thick – you don’t want any chunks of paste left, because they turn into a weird, sort of gritty mouthful.
  • You can start with a different kind of miso, although I never do because the white is the mildest and I like that umami hint, not a full on miso flavored  salad. I get my miso paste at WholeFoods in a flat white container that snaps shut, and the paste keeps forever. The container I’m currently using expires 7/2013.
  • Different fat? Absolutely. Bacon fat would be nice on an appropriate salad, or a walnut or hazelnut oil (probably sub only half the olive oil out, unless you’re CRAY about the taste of your nut oil).
  • Different vinegar? Sure! A fruit vinegar would nicely complement a salad that contains fruit, of course. My salads always contain fruit, but I never have fruit vinegar. The only vinegar I’d skip would be a heavy balsamic, at least with white miso. Too powerful. White balsamic should be ok though.
For reals, it’s delicious. There’s no emulsifying, no herbs, no need to salt (although I usually lightly salt my salads after they’re dressed) – no issues at all, just tastiness.


soooo slow

Monday, September 12th, 2011

My head is full of…

well, snot.

Dude, what. I know it’s gross. Trust me, it’s grosser when it’s your head. My advisor thinks it’s because she made me collect the homework in from the undergraduate Probability & Statistics course that I’m TAing. I think it’s because every single person I know is sick.

I’ve actually made some tasty food, despite wonky taste buds.

This was loosely based on these Honey-Glazed Chicken, Peach, and Sweet Potato Skewers, but instead of skewering them I essentially stewed them. It was sort of complicated – I transfered things in and out of bowls several times – but the main change I made was to pop up the glaze with some fish sauce and some soy sauce.


(P.S. My pictures are smaller. I’m not sure why. I’ll figure it out later.)

On Friday I spent 9 hours on campus.

I spent three of them laying in the shade of this tree.

Due to my fuzzy head, I woke up 20 minutes before I needed to leave the house, so I bought lunch. Hellllo Asian Chicken Salad.

The wasps enjoyed it as well.

There is literally nothing more comforting than corn dogs.

Macaroni and cheese? Pshaw.

Veggie hot dogs wrapped in corn batter is where it’s at.

For realz.


We need to have a serious talk

Monday, March 28th, 2011


It’s like magic deliciousness in a designed to carry package.

Also, I think I might have the hanta virus. Or is it just hanta virus?

Crockett says I don’t.

I wonder if my chances of having the hanta virus are greater than my chances of winning the lottery.


la la la lady fingers!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Lady fingers?

Yeah, I don’t know what that was about either. I’m half sitting half laying on my couch, trying to think of reasons that my possibly busted appendix precludes me doing homework, and I came up with a good one.

That couch, right there. Not pictured: miserable me.

It’s time to make Mangled Baby Duck into the fabulousness that I know it can be.

Here’s the thing. Last week I tried this wacky experiment where I was reading some ‘healthy living’ blogs, and criticizing them. I stopped, because criticizing things is mean and because they were actually kind of cool, but not before I noticed a couple of things.

Thing 1: regular stuff is kind of interesting. I mean, not like emmanation type stuff where I come up with something specific to write about (or, you know, not), but like this is what I did today stuff.

Thing 2: I do regular things too!

Ok, fine. I didn’t realize that while I was reading those blogs. I already knew I did regular stuff, but I had to throw it in there so I could do this:

Thing 1 + Thing 2 = a new and improved Mangled Baby Duck!

Now, I haven’t really eaten anything today, because of the aforementioned lower abdominal bull*ahem*. (I’ve decided MBD will be vaguely family friendly. You’re welcome, if you enjoy that kind of thing. I apologize, if you enjoy cursing.) However, I felt fine this weekend.

Mighty fine. Because it was the birthday of my main man. My only man. My Crockett.

I corralled his friends and we took to the streets of Louisville like a gang of very-slightly-over-30 locusts. Well dressed locusts – Crockett and his brother even wore suits. We had food, and drinks, and…. drinks. You’d think I would have taken pictures of some of the food, but – no. Apparently the five gin based concoctions I imbibed over the course of the evening had the unexpected side effect of making me point my camera at my feet and nothing but my feet. (Someone else took the picture above. I have no recollection of who, but isn’t it nice?)

Fortunately the glory of fall helped me recover on Sunday.

Don’t red leaves always make you want soup?

And don’t you open your microwave by prying it open with a butter knife?

Please forgive the sad cast of this image. This is the last thing I ate before my appendix started doing it’s thing, and I have mixed memories about it. The cornbread was delicious. The pickles, delicious. I put the soup together last week, based on our darling Pioneer Woman’s adventures in chowder. I made it heartier by adding chicken, and I made it less interesting by failing to include chipotle peppers in adobo. Why didn’t I include them? Because apparently, here in COLORADO, they’re hard to find. That seems reasonable, right? I mean, it’s not like we have Mexican food here!

Oh, wait.

Anyway. Welcome to the new and improved Mangled Baby Duck. See you tomorrow!