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oh lorelai

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

You know how sometimes you get to the bottom of your Netflix queue and whatever you put on there as your buffer DVD finally shows up, and you’re like ‘why on earth did I put this on here’…

and then you realize that it’s Gilmore Girls and all of a sudden you remember and you can’t wait for all the next disks?

Yeah, me too. Or me neither. Whichever you said, except that I’m lying if whatever you think I said means that I don’t love Gilmore Girls, because good lord in heaven I do.

Wednesday? I think? Earlier this week my camera battery died because I didn’t charge it because I’m not really good at things that require remembering things in a timely manner, and so the chronology of these pictures has gotten a little mixed up. Specially since I’ve been super good about running every day this week.

And then lying down to do situps.

As you can tell, not that many situps actually get done.


Happy hour all day every day?

Sure, Chili’s, don’t mind if I do!

The lovely Yvonne. We used to work together.

Now we drink and gossip together.

I miss seeing her every day, but this ain’t a bad replacement.

Two for one glasses of mediocre wine?

Yes please.

Queso dip of some kind?

Twist my arm why don’tcha.

That was Wednesday, y’all.

so drink your gin and tonic-ah

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Yes, I am now listening to holiday music.

Yes, I do consider Adam Sandler’s Chanukah song to be holiday music, despite my lack of Jewishness. (This one time, when I had this boyfriend for like EVER, I did almost convert. Which obviously doesn’t count. Plus, we would have broken up anyway and then I would have been like Charlotte. If you don’t know what Charlotte I’m talking about, don’t fret – s’not even a little important.)

I had a big day planned. Big as in: do some homework, do some running, do some voting, rinse, and repeat (except for the last two. Which, if you think about it, is the lamest repeat ever.)

Maida thought that belly rubs sounded like more fun than studying.

While the dignified Cloey watched in disgust. I can just hear her thinking something about ‘prostituting yourself like a common cat’.

I was not swayed by the belly rubs though.

Lunch = falafel that I forgot I had, with hummus and lotsa greens and an apple. It was a sunny gorgeous day, so I temporarily postponed my voting plan to go run.

Sadly, I felt like crap. I seriously blame the blood they drew Monday – I still had vampire victim syndrome. I was supposed to run for 80 minutes, and I made it 30 before I just literally couldn’t go anymore.

Even the sidewalk was disappointed in me. “RUN, Emma, RUN.”

Still, gorgeous. Soon enough I’ll be sloshing through slush.

My voting location is right up the road from my house, so I just walked up there (a meager attempt to avoid passing out, which is what I would have done if I’d gone home from the run.) I stood in line with these lovely folks, and then they made me turn my phone off.

What is that about? What am I going to do, use it to give someone else the right answers?


And no phone related shenanigans. Mostly because I couldn’t think of any to get up to.

When I got home I tackled my kitchen, because … well, because it looked like this. I also started a pumpkin soup in the crockpot.

Mmmm, overexposed onions.

I didn’t take after pictures of the kitchen or the soup because… I don’t know why. Because I forgot, I guess. Sad.

I did, however, take a picture of the smoothie I made at like 8:30 when I realized my homework had sucked me in and I hadn’t eaten and then all of a sudden had to eat THAT VERY SECOND. You know what I’m talking about.

Then? Bedtime.

Oh, remember this dog? The dignified one?

She found herself a nice comfy spot to wait, and then as soon as I got in bed….

Blammo. All that dignity went right out the window. Silly girl.