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torta rustica (i.e. meat cake)

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Crockett’s papa is visiting, and we’ve been mostly gabbing and drinking wine all weekend. I made him a coffee cake (which I’ll post the recipe for later, because it was pretty tasty and is holding up remarkably well), but I also had signed on as a volunteer recipe tester for the ‘your best recipe with fresh ricotta‘ contest. I have had problems with completing my testing on time before, but I happened to have some fresh ricotta in the fridge, and I couldn’t pass up this recipe.

It’s essentially a savory ricotta cheesecake with romano and salami, baked inside a giant sugar cookie.

See? Giant sugar cookie.

Full of cheese and salami.

I kept going – man, this is weird, and then taking another bite.

And then my piece was all gone.

So I started in on the ones I’d cut for Crockett and his dad.

Apparently I liked it.

Since  I was testing it, I was very faithful to the recipe (except that I cut it in half), so I’m not going to reprint it. It’s here, if you feel like making a sweet meat cake of your very own.

That’s not all I ate yesterday, of course.

I had some muesli, to pre-soak up all the nitrates that were undoubtably in the salami.

And some chicken chili, while doing homework.

Apparently the hanta virus isn’t affecting my appetite.

Or my desire to pose goofy with Crockett.

P.S. I don’t really have the hanta virus (probably). I spent a large part of the weekend cleaning out the garage of my condo, and a lot of mice have – ahem – left their mark there. Now I have a fluey chest cold type thing. Draw your own conclusions. Both Crockett and my girlfriend Star have drawn the conclusion that I’m a hypochondriac – which isn’t completely unfair, so jump on that bandwagon, if you’d like.

extra milk

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Extra milk is a weird thing to have, don’t you think?

Extra milk.

Like, how much milk do you have, Emma?

Oh, definitely extra.

Anyway, we had almost an entire gallon of low fat milk that we had no plans for. Niether of us drink milk in a glass, and while I could make pastry cream or something I would then EAT that pastry cream, and everyone knows that eating pastry cream with a spoon isn’t the healthiest thing ever.

So I made ricotta instead. (Please do not point out the inconsistency between that statement and the one that immediately preceded it.)

I have a lot of happy ways to eat ricotta.

On toast with salt and honey, for example.

Or mixed with oats and milk for a sort of non-traditional muesli.

Alice approves.

A couple of days ago I took my dogs to the groomer, and while I was waiting, I went to a different grocery store than I usually do.

A grocery store that had ten pounds of grapefruit for $2.50.


We have a lot of grapefruit now.

Also, four pounds of strawberries for $5.

I love spring.

So, you can only eat so much ricotta.

Earthbound Farms had the best idea of anything I’ve ever heard, so I used it to break my ricotta streak.

It’s half Spring Mix and half Baby Spinach.

With Morningstar Farms crunchy faux chik’n.



theme song

Monday, October 25th, 2010

I need a theme song.

I LOVE theme songs. I know this because last night, Crockett pointed out that I sing along with the lyrics to the theme song of every show we watch (as long as the song has lyrics, that is – if it doesn’t, clearly it sucks and doesn’t deserve my glorious singing).

This weekend, my theme song would have been something about simplicity and … boredom. Oh, and homework. With the occasional burst of awesome.

Is there such a song?

Fall obviously means pumpkin, but guess what I found the other day? Fresh cranberries, yo.

Here, they’ve been reduced to sauce with just a little sugar, and smooshed on no-knead half whole wheat bread and homemade ricotta, with the omnipresent apples. Saturday started off right.

Crockett was off bike shopping with my dad (isn’t it nice when they bond?) and I had roughly ten hours of homework, so I did the thing I do best when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I went for a 3 mile run. In the fall deliciousness. I’m sure the fact that I stopped to take pictures of fake witches on trees did wonders for my heart rate. Refueling took place in the form of that flatbread that I’m seriously getting kind of tired of and the falafel that I will NEVER get tired of.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re a woman who lives alone who shops at Costco. It is pretty when it cooks though, eh?

Then, you guys, I totally focused on homework. Specifically, actually, NOT homework. I focused on my National Science Foundation graduate fellowship application that’s due in three weeks. It’s exactly as awesome as it sounds, y’all.

In seriousness, it would be damn cool. I would be funded for three full years, with the ability to focus on my own research. The application itself is a bitch, though. Essays and declarations of intent and recommendations and possibly a promise of my first born – I haven’t gotten that far down yet.

Fortunately Crockett came and saved me from myself at about 10. He took me out to show me his fire guitar skills – what girl could resist?

Today was more of the same, with one new addition to our little family.

A shiny new bicycle! His, not mine. I do not ride bicycles, if I can help it. I prefer my butt unsore. Personal preference, I guess.

I fueled his bike work with barbecue chicken and egg breakfast soft tacos. And apples. Shockingly.

Cloey found the whole bike thing fascinating.

Then, of course, work work work.

With a pumpkin butter interlude.

When I was at the grocery store, I saw some Dickinson’s Pumpkin Butter on sale for $2.50, and I was all over that sh.. izzz. (Family friendly, Emma, family friendly.) Then I realized that I could buy 15 oz of pumpkin for $2.19, add my own personal spices, and end up with twice as much butter for the same amount of scrilla.

You should have seen the back patting that went on between me and myself, there in the store.

Not pictured: brown sugar.

I found this recipe I was going to use, but I was irritated by the white sugar. Why would you put white sugar in pumpkin, unless you were unaware that brown sugar existed at all? Turns out, Deb totally agrees with me, so I busted out her version instead – cept I added more cloves, cause yum with the spice, and more apple juice because it was so thick it was doing that exploding bubble thing all over my stove top. That latter was probably a bad idea, because the apple is actually competing with the pumpkin in my batch, but whatevs. It’s delicious.

Pumpkins = Halloween = gothic photography. Obviously. (Those are roasted pumpkin seeds in the little jar in the middle. They’re from the pumpkin that you shall see pictures of tomorrow. Probably.)

I had to try it, right? While I was making my real dinner, I had some sourdough from my freezer toasted with ricotta and the still warm pumpkin butter. If I hadn’t already added the pasta to the water, I probably would have had ten more pieces of this and called it good.

However, pesto? Totally acceptable as well.

If you’re wondering if that pesto is in the shape of an ice cube, the answer is yes. There is a very good reason for that. It’s frozen, and that freezing happened in an ice cube tray. Pesto freezes really really well, so a bounty of basil can be utilized to its full advantage.

Brain food.

That was my weekend. How was yours?