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In other news

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Things that other people are eating:

After our big Michigan trip, Crockett’s parents continued their vacation. One of the places they ended up was the Mohonk Mountain House. Crockett’s dad sent me this hilarious picture, which he says means that the roast, duck, and lamb were absolutely delicious, the veggies were stellar, and the deep fried far east flavored lamb ball was revolting. I laughed for about half an hour when I noticed the caption.

When they got home, they took advantage of all the veggies that had grown up in their garden in their absence and made a chicken pot pie, with home roasted chicken. Short of having the bird raised in the backyard, that’s about as locally sourced as it gets. And also tasty looking.

Things Crockett and I have been up to:

My pre-Google savory almond fluffy pancake thingamabob. (Crockett was not interested – pictured in the background, him making his daily muesli.)




On Friday, when I drove to Google, there were balloons everywhere!

Does this make sense to you? The bag is printed? The bag IS recycled paper? I’m lost, Whole Foods – lost.

Friday night and yesterday I lifted the sugar ban for fruit (and sushi). I actually felt pretty good last week, though, and had some positive results fitting-into-my-pants wise, so I’m going to continue for a second week. Nothing past that, because I don’t want to change my ability to digest it (that may be a wives tale, but can you imagine how depressing it would be if all of a sudden sugar made my stomach hurt?) ¬†How could I say no to these cute litte figs, though?

Sushi night was us and two other couples, one kid (came with one of the couples), and one other person at Happy Sumo. It was awesome – we just ordered drinks and platters and platters of sushi.

This drink is not mine, but it is a sake-tini, and I find that hilarious so I took a picture.

One of these is the tiny carafe of sake that Crockett and I shared and one of them is a vase with flower in it. It’s kind of amazing that I didn’t end up drinking flower water.

Not pictured: sushi. (Once it came out it was sort of a free for all.) Instead, I give you this picture of Crockett anxiously awaiting the arrival of said deliciousness. The sushi was super good, but you should take that review with a grain of salt because I like my sushi Americanized. Sauce it, fry it, bake it, add coconut and mango – it’s all good.

How’s your weekend going?