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I wasn’t JUST studying

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Ok fine, I was mostly studying while I wasn’t here. However, I did do some other stuff.

My man dragged me out of the house at least once.

We saw some live music at the Waterloo. It was this guy’s show – his name is Pete Stein. He was kind of badass, but the real reason I allowed myself to be dragged was because Gregory Alan Isakov decided to show up at the last minute. He’s glorious.

I allowed Crockett near my ears while he was decorating the tree.

Then I sat back and let him do his thing.

Yes, his tree is twelve or so feet tall.

Yes, his tree topper is a monkey holding a tin soldier hostage.

I made it out the door for the Louisville parade of lights.

It’s hard to photograph a parade of lights.

I even made it out the door for a run or two (in my Gentle Lovers socks, of course). (Gentle Lovers is the name of my brothers cycling team.) (Yes, that is absolutely fucking hilarious.) (Yes, it is awkward to say ‘my brother is a Gentle Lover’. I try not to.)

I enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather.

All told, I survived. I ate, too, of course (post on that to follow). Awesomely, when I was done with the semester, Crockett and I had the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains.

We had a huge hotel room (that was next door to 1408 – if you know what that means, scream with me a little. If you don’t, carry on). I took a PW style hotel bathroom picture. We almost got stuck on the other side of the pass because it turns out over there it is winter. All in all, it was what I needed to clear my school related cobwebs.

What did you guys do?