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what’s eventually accomplished Wednesday

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Yesterday had the potential to be a complete bust.

First, I went to the doctor.


That’s really what it looked like.

If you’re out there saying ‘Em, you may be getting too Halloween-effect happy on Picnik‘, to you I say – PSHAW. That’s really what it looked like! (Fine. My hours of medical treatment may be clouding my vision, but that’s what it looked like to me and that’s what’s important.)

I did manage to walk the dogs today, which was a step up from the past few days. They’re so patient and loving that sometimes I forget… I’m sorry, I just choked on my own hyperbole. They’re gigantic pains in the ass. They are. I love them anyway.

Even when one of them (cough*Cloey*cough) sleeps in the garden that I’m sure would totally be carefully tended if I had the time and the inclination and my dogs would stop sleeping in it.

I fully intended to nap, because that’s what you’re supposed to do when you have perhaps-appendicitis and a fever. I was interrupted by a man who does not have an iPhone 4.

It seems that there’s a beta program that allows people to use their computers to FaceTime.

Thank god, because prior to this I knew 2 other people with 4′s, and we mostly just talked on the regular phone. However, since I positively love to look at Crockett, I’m going to embrace this whole iPhone/computer interface.

As long as it doesn’t interrupt my naptime, that is.

Finally, in a burst of homework-avoidance and badly timed energy, I made two very simple recipes and dealt with a third I’d made several days ago.

It’s sepia for two reasons. Reason 1: baking more than one thing at a time always makes me feel like some sort of homesteady wheat grinding bread making bonnet wearing … woman, and you know everything was sepia in the olden days. Reason 2: my kitchen is a really pretty green color, with really unhappy lights that aren’t quite fluorescent – those combined lead to a nasty yellow tinge that even my mediocre photo editing skills can’t eliminate.

(Sepia) apple and cheddar scones. Deb ain’t lying, y’all. Fall in a handheld pile of yummo.

Chocolate has the power to overcome all evils. Including the evil of not-quite-fluorescent¬†lights in a kitchen. Seriously, apparently chocolate chocolate chip pumpkin pie muffins can ward off the power of the yellow photo – who knew? These, because I’m sick and because the scones were fun and totally homemade and because sometimes cake mix is ok - are a six ingredient recipe.

1 box chocolate cake mix
1 can pumpkin
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon cinnamon
As many chocolate chips as you damn well please

Mix together everything but the pumpkin and the chocolate chips. Add at least half a cup of water and the pumpkin – if it sucks to stir it up, add up to a cup of water total. When it’s all combined, stir in your chips. Add nuts, coconut (OMG how good would that be – someone do that and let me know how it is), whatever rocks your socks.
I used cupcake tins without cupcakes papers – I just buttered the bottoms of the cups. I feel like, for whatever reason, I lose a lot of good muffin to papers, so I avoid them whenever possible. This made about 16 muffins, baked at 20-22 minutes at 350.

Yes, I’m going to insist they’re muffins, even though they start with cake mix.

As an ex-pastry chef, I have to admit it took me some time to acknowledge that there are times in which¬†convenience baking items come in handy. I’ve since embraced it, because if you’re short on time, money, ingredients, or confidence, muffins that come out of your oven that started with a mix are still going to be tastier than no muffins at all. (I have not extended that ruling to refrigerated pie crust. That stuff is not ok.)


Falafel salad and white wine.

In bed.

So, I did eventually accomplish some stuff eventually… eventually. And for a Wednesday that could have been a total bust? I’m calling it a win.