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done and done

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Just kidding.

So not done.

The important parts are mostly organized, though. For example, my office doesn’t look half bad… and of course the cookbooks and liquor are all shiny and appropriately placed.

Because I was on an ‘eat what I want because I’m moving damnit’ kick, I had cake for breakfast (it’s gone now – are you picturing me with a sad face? Because I have one.) and then was starving at 11 so had some steak and mushrooms and rice. Dinner was this stew that isn’t perfect. If I can make it better today with more salt and spices, I’ll hand over the recipe.

sparkle vamp

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Why yes, my day did end with Edward.

Ok, in truth, I’m a Jacob/closet-Charlie fan, but Edward was the one who was there, so Edward was the one who got into the pic with me.

It started much less sparkly, with monochromatic coffee and oatmeal. The oatmeal is that color because of pumpkin butter, not because of any magical oatmeal weirdness.

What followed was a lot of moving, which I did not photograph because I was being a cranky bitch… then lunch.

Crockett and I paid off the movers (hiring movers is something grownups do. I decided that when I was considering moving my furniture myself.) and went to lunch with one of his coworkers at The Cactus Wheel here in town.

We were starving, so we started with fried plantains.

Hullo babies.

Included was fried yucca. I’ve never had fried yucca before. To my knowledge, I’ve never had yucca before. It was thick and sweet and like a cross between a potato and a marshmallow.

Also included? Dos Equis.

With lime.

They specialize in two things. Tequila…

And hot sauce. The hot sauce wall is nifty because it’s open to client contribution – if you buy a bottle of hot sauce and bring it to them unopened with the receipt they reimburse you and put it on the shelves. Every bottle is then available for any customer to use.

There’s lots of fancy on this wall. Sadly, I’ve not taken a lot of advantage of the fancy. I always admire from afar, but have yet to participate.

They also have tequila specials, for those of us who are temporarily off beer due to heartburn issues (cough-Crockett-cough). This month’s silver special, 901, is apparently Justin Timberlake’s tequila.

I don’t know why Justin Timberlake has his own tequila either, y’all, so don’t ask.

They have some nifty decor too.

Then it was back to unpacking. Yes, there is still a Christmas tree in Crockett’s living room. Yes, I am going to refer to it as Crockett’s living room as long as there is a tree in it.

There are new tables and new plants, but it’s basically the same house. Puppies, check. Couch, check.

Oh, are we back to this again? Despite the move today, I had a very important Eclipse party to attend tonight – so attend I did. There was popcorn and there were cookies and there were these chocolate and cocoa coated dried strawberries that dear god…. but we were working with candlelight, so y’all don’t get to see anything but me and Edward.

I still prefer Jacob. (Ok fine, I prefer Charlie. But it’s not because I’m old, it’s because Charlie is the best. Even if he is the obligatory dad in the story.)

Do you have a Twilight team?


Friday, January 21st, 2011

Some days I just can’t warm up.

Today was kind of stupid, y’all. I have had this whole job/school thing going on lately, and despite some last minute McGyvering on the part of myself and my prospective boss the job thing has fallen through.

I’m all school all the time.

Except for that consulting business that I’m going to get up and running any second now. And also my blogging. And also some moving into a new house. I keep thinking I’m almost done with that, but I think it takes a lot longer than I’m giving it credit for – the whole moving thing.

On Tuesday I had this whole sadface thing going on because I forgot my lunch and had to eat crappy salad from the salad bar. Salad with weird generic meat and nasty wrinkly mushrooms. Much better: turkey, low fat cheddar, and mustard sandwich on whole wheat bread, eaten while walking from the gym to a meeting.

I was surrounded by lil engineer boys who found my photo taking kind of hilarious. Seriously, one stopped and pointed.

Dude, it’s a pretty sandwich.

I had an orange too, but I chose not to eat it during my meeting. No one likes that orange smell when they can’t have an orange too.

I snuck it in before my next class though. I don’t care if my classmates are jealous of my oranges.

Because I didn’t know if I was going to be school-Emma or work-Emma, I didn’t buy any school books yet. As school Emma, I have no books and therefore can’t do any homework.

Too bad.

I’m obsessively labeling instead.

Why didn’t I just write on the box?

Who can say.

Even the furniture got sticky notes.

The puppy is not amused by the boxes and the fact that her bed is mysteriously MIA.

She has a small brain and can’t seem to remember that she climbed out of it right before getting into the car at Crockett’s.

Part of the house that I haven’t started packing? The bathroom.

Because there’s a lot of crap in there and it’s all little and icky and I have to choose what to do and yada yada yada.

I returned to Crockett’s for a nice warm bowl of chili… but I got lazy and made a dinner smoothie instead.

Dinner smoothie: two handfuls of spinach, a handful of oatmeal, some yogurt, a frozen banana, and milk. In other words, it’s a breakfast smoothie with slightly less fruit.

And club soda.

I love club soda.

Downside of dinner smoothies?

I’m freaking freezing now.