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Corned beef

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

The last two years running, Crockett and I have done something of a pub crawl in our little town on St. Patty’s Day. We start at the Old Louisville Inn, which is an Irish-ish pub (you know, the place I get green chili – that sounds Irish, right?), and then meander around town, piling on the Guinness at each stop.

This year we met some friends for a late Indian food lunch, and may or may not have fallen asleep afterwards. Have I mentioned that I love spring break?

Our ill timed nap put us well into the happy hour, and OLI was standing room only.

Fortunately, the Waterloo was there for us.

I made the mistake of running to the ATM and asking Crockett to order me a drink.

I arrived to brew and a dew.

A beer and a shot of Tullamore Dew whiskey.

I did not drink the shot.

I gave it to a nice man down the bar.

Do you see the bartender’s tie?

Mmm. Guinness.

We had these little corned beef sliders.

I’m glad we had them.

I think I can wait until next year to have more.

big plans

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Some days I wake up and I am completely and totally motivated to get a whole bunch of shit done, and then I do it. Some days I wake up in the exact same mood and am totally derailed.

Guess which kind of day this was?

I got up. I went to the eye doctor. I spent all this money because my insurance blows.

Then, boom, it was 3 pm and I was eating lunch and I’d accomplished NOTHING except spending the money and talking the optometrist out of dialating my eyes.

I did have a delicious salmon burger for lunch though.

Recipe: Go to Costco. Buy the frozen salmon burgers. Come home. Take your little Foreman grill outside in an effort to avoid making the house smell like salmon and grill the burger. Toast some bread, spread on some green chili mustard you bought in Santa Fe, and pop the burger on top.

Then, right when I was about to get into the nitty gritty of GETTINGSTUFFDONE, Crocket DRAGGED me to a pub.

Sometimes it’s like he doesn’t love me at all.

I let him buy me a Guinness to make up for it.

We were with a couple of friends, and we were all feeling peckish, so Crockett ordered the whole left side of the appetizer menu.

I’m not kidding. That’s what he did, he went up to the bar and ordered the left side of the appetizer menu.

We had green chili (Irish relevance: the green), pasties with cabbage and beef, and Irish nachos. Irish nachos are nachos with potatoes instead of chips. Apparently.

I wasn’t as impressed with the food as you might expect, what with it being so authentically Irish and all.

I had another Guinness to console myself.

Then we went and played video games with Crockett’s brother and sister in law.

And by ‘played video games’ I mean they played and I dorked around on my phone. Video games and I don’t really get along.

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I’m not usually one of those people who rags on Mondays. Monday is just a day, man. It’s trying.

Yesterday, though. Yesterday morning may have been enough to turn me forever.

I had this huge project due yesterday at noon, and due to my illness and general slackerness, it wasn’t done when I woke up yesterday. I made his and hers smoothies and dived right in – only to not have it completely done when I left for school.

Cue: nervous breakdown while driving.

Then? My parking lot was closed because they’re digging a hole. What is to be put in said hole? Who can say. A mystery for the ages.  I got the project turned in and sat through class, then headed to my office to do some work. (Why not to run? I think it’s a combination of the quasi-South Beach thing and the cold – I haven’t run in like a week. I intend to try to get in a mile or two today, if at all possible, just to prove that I can.)

When I arrived at my office, I realized that my nervous breakdown had apparently precluded my lunch packing.

Fortunately, I took a couple of these from the Marriott when I was there last week. A Super Cookie, yo.

Basically a sugar bomb, but the food you have on hand is better than no food at all. Plus it was made locally, and I find that sort of charming. (Although why I should find a small business in Denver more appealing than one in Austin or something, I have no idea. It’s not like I know either owner.)

It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely more of a snack than a meal.

I spent two hours in my office working on my National Science Foundation grant application, which is so much fun you have no idea. (SARCASM.) Fortunately I had Monk to keep me company.

Perhaps there is something to this sugar high-low thing. After that cookie, I needed more sugar. Moooorrrreee. So I bought a pumpkin latte. Because, yum. I only drank half on the way home, and I stuck the other half in the fridge.

I know I’ve said this before, but my drive could certainly be uglier, eh?

On my way home, my mom buzzed me and mentioned that one of my aunts and two of my uncles were at her house. They’re all in town emptying out my grandma’s house, which is up for sale after 51 years. (That short lady in the middle is my mom. Apparently there were two different strains of genes in her family, because those two guys on the ends are her brothers.)

I stopped by the library because I’d returned a book without an included CD, and I finally checked out the damn South Beach book. Perhaps an understanding of why I’m doing this will encourage me to actually do so (i.e. no more Super Cookies).

Of course, I don’t understand yet… so I had a Guinness when I finally got home.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Monday.