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quick, how many things (that make sense) could OLI stand for?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Do you ever wake up on Saturday just ready to go-go-go?

(If you said yes, I’ve slightly misjudged my audience, but that’s awesome for you!)

tomato muffin

I rolled out of bed verrry gradually, and ended up making an english muffin with cream cheese for breakfast at around ten. One side was savory (cream cheese and tomato slices with a sprinkling of salt)…

coconut cream cheese english muffin

and the other side was sweet, with (apparently barely) toasted coconut and the same cream cheese.

I wanted it to be light, because I went to the gym afterwards, and my mom has been telling me I’m not working out hard enough. She’s a certified personal trainer, although she doesn’t actually train anyone, and she said that my weights are too light. I went in yesterday with the intention of actually trying – shocking, I know.

I succeeded.

I mostly do machines, because the downstairs (where the free weights are) is full of sweaty high school boys. I’m not sure that’s the best call, because not all of the machines get small enough for me, but I’ll worry about that some other time. I increased my weights at least one level on every machine, and two on most.

grape nuts and watermelon

When I got home I was starving. This is the problem with working out really hard – you can’t wait to eat afterwards. Crockett used to go to the gym right before lunch and then head down the street to Chipotle afterwards. I ate the thing with the least preparation that I could think of: cereal. Specifically, Grape Nuts. (There are a lot of Grape Nuts in that bowl, they’re just so full of awesomeness that they don’t float.)

I also threw together some pizza dough to be used for dinner, and then I sat down to tackle some statistical methods homework.

At 7:30 I was 90% done with the homework (it’s a two-week assignment, so it’s not totally crazy that it takes so long), and making pizza seemed hard and I really wanted beer. Specifically Stella Artois. We had no beer and definitely no Stella.

Stella at OLI

You know who has Stella?


green chili at OLI

They also have green chili and big, soft, delicious flour tortillas. (If this looks familiar, it’s because this is what I ALWAYS order at the OLI.)

southwest chicken salad

Crockett’s go-to is the southwestern chicken salad, although he occasionally branches out into the reuben.

eating chili

I tried to smile, but Crockett took too long and I had to take a bite.

(It was 80 in Louisville yesterday – I’m just wearing two long sleeve shirts because I’m always cold.)

the end of dinner

I really wish professional eater was a job. I enjoy it so much more than I do doing homework.


The OLI was not hopping, at 8 on a Saturday night. I would say I’m worried for them, but they’ve been around since …

OLI placemat

1906, so they must be doing something right.

Dinner out two nights in a row.

And we’re not even celebrating anything.

Best weekend ever.




Protective gear, 24/7

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Tuesday morning I took my last chocolate chip scone out of the freezer and put it on the counter to defrost, so I could snack on it when I got home from school.

When I did get home from school, I was distracted by cookies and I completely forgot to eat or re-wrap the scone.

Cookies are very appealing. They’re something of a brain black hole. What should I have for dinn… HEY COOKIES.

Yesterday morning the scone was all dried out, so I crumbled it over some cottage cheese and cut up some strawberries on top.

Then I pretended that had been my plan all along.

I had a showing of my house at lunchtime (anyone want to rent an adorable Louisville townhome?), and afterwards I was disheartened. Happily, Crockett had also had a moderately crappy morning.

What? I don’t like to be cranky alone.

We went out and let other people prepare food for us.

That always cheers us up.

Thank you, OLI, for my never-fail happy lunch of green chili.

I took the girls for a walk and then settled down to get some homework done prior to….


Full disclosure: I don’t really enjoy the actually hockey as much as I enjoy the beer and the yelling.

Beer and yelling.

Me, in a nutshell.

The beer was 1554 – I love it when there’s a non-Bud Light option.

Not that I won’t drink Bud Light, if that’s all there is at a sporting event.

I totally will.

Sadly, the Avs lost in overtime.

Also, you don’t get to see the nachos we ate because we both woke up, unhappy in our bellies, at 3:15 this morning, and I blame the nachos. They’ve forfeit their right to be pictured by making us sick.

Please accept this lovely picture of happy coffee in exchange.

back in the groove

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Let’s just get this out of the way.

Emma, what did you do today?

Homework. Oh, and? A trip to the mall with my man, because we had a gift certificate.

Homework and the mall.

You have no idea how adventurous I feel right now.

Crockett made me his signature brain-food breakfast. I love eggs and avocados – it’s like all the best fats, mushed together.

We’re starting to lose our bizarre mid-January heat wave. Between that and me being all focussy, the chicas had quite the relaxed day.

Before we hit up Williams Sonoma with our $20 piece of magic paper, we stopped by the OLI for green chili…

… and a chicken panini with sweet potato fries.

There’s no bad here, y’all. This green chili is my favorite, and these fries?

Yes please.

When we hit the mall, Crockett gave some serious thought to whether or not we need new drinkware…

…while I found what are clearly the coolest dessert plates ever.

Sadly, we bought neither, since this is Crate & Barrel and we were WS bound.

Still, Emma dessert plates.