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flu shot friday

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

IMG 2463

The tazmanian devil (upsidedown) helped me get through the pain of my flu shot.

I’m so-so on things like flu shots – especially as a relatively healthy young person. However, flu shots are free and encouraged at school, and while TAing I feel like I’m probably extra at risk. I went for it yesterday, not considering how crappy it was going to make my arm feel and how that was going to impact my planned workout (spoiler alert – I skipped the workout all together in favor of happy hour. It’s the flu shot’s fault, I swear.)

IMG 2465

Lunch was another version of Thursday’s watermelon salad. I swapped out the mixed greens for just arugula, and topped the whole shebang with a little bit of warm pulled pork. The pork perfectly filled the hole that I’d said needed mango or avocado. This was so good. SO GOOD.

IMG 2466

Also? Yoplait parfait.

So gross. (I literally threw half away, which I HATE doing, but it was just nasty. I think it might have been good if I hadn’t just had so much natural sugar in the watermelon – it tasted super chemically.)

I took the dogs for a walk and then futzed around my homework for awhile. (Futzing around your homework: looking at it, ostensibly creating a plan of attack, without actually doing anything useful.)

Then Crockett said ‘let’s go play’ and I said ‘badass. Let’s do it.’

We went to the Empire. Since I ate lunch fairly late, I focused mainly on the happy hour menu in lieu of dinner.

IMG 2467

Fried chickpeas (shared with Crockett).

IMG 2471

I usually have the same thing to drink here (Basa, a Spanish Verdejo), but tonight I decided to branch out.

This is the Bubby St. G – a mix of St. Germaine, gin, prosecco, and lemon. It’s just barely sweet, just barely bubbly, and quite delicious.

IMG 2468

To round it out the meal, I had a piece of Humboldt Fog with some crunchy bread.

IMG 2470

Crockett went with the pulled pork sandwich (because apparently he hasn’t had enough lately?), and Dale’s Pale Ale.

IMG 2472

Sometimes, happiness is a local restaurant with tasty food.

Right now they have a High Holidays menu, too, but I wasn’t hungry enough to dive in. Maybe we’ll go back before they’re over, and I can have me some kugel.

After dinner we went home to watch Paul – it was surprisingly sweet, but lacked the hilarity of Shaun of the Dead. It did only further my love for Kristen Wiig, so if you like her, I totally recommend it.


happy new year!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

On the last day of 2010, Crockett went snowboarding and I hunkered down with the girls. We spent the day cooking and reading and generally lazing, with the exception of a field trip to the rec center (me, not them).

I expected to be the only person there, what with it being the last day of the year. I thought folks would stay home in preparation for starting best behavior on the 1st.

I was totally wrong. I basically had to knock down an old lady to get a treadmill.

When I showed up at Crockett’s, he was disassembling a computer because I’d rented Salt and his computer ate it. He got it out and we did watch it – probably not worth all the work, honestly. Kind of a stupid flick.

I brought a couple of things, celebrating New Year’s food traditions that I’d found. Here we have fish (ok fine shrimp whatever) and pork (in the form of delicious spicy italian sausage).

Ree’s black eyed pea dip.

And greens. These are actually all the greens we ate, but I’m sure it was enough to bring us some luck.

And drinks, of course. One of Crockett’s presents from me this Christmas was a book called The Hour: A Cocktail Manifesto. Since he read it, he now insists that the only real drinks are martinis (gin, of course) and straight whiskey. Doesn’t he look dapper, with his new Christmas sweater, his martini, and his post snowboarding hair?

A proper martini does not have olives. In case you were wondering. It instead has a squeeze of lemon oil.

I was drinking gin and tonic, because The Hour author can kiss my ass, and wearing my claddagh ring which I’ve recently become re-obsessed with. I’m sure that obsession is in no way tied to the fact that I just watched the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer again. Totally sure.

Gin: Leopold’s. It’s distilled here in CO but if you can get it where you are and you like subtle gin, try it. You won’t regret it. And if you do, hopefully you’ll forget that you regret it because of all the gin you just drank.

At some point I got quite jealous of Crockett’s nice thick eyelashes.

We took the party downstairs, to watch Salt and the ball dropping etc. Also, to watch Kesha resolve not to be a douchebag in 2011 – which, interesting choice.

Someone didn’t make it til midnight.

But we did! Sure, there were some closed eyes… but we were awake for the crucial moment. Seriously.

Then, of course, we went to bed. Because it was -3 degrees outside and we had absolutely nothing better to do. It was nice, actually – I always try to go big on NYE (with the exception of last year when I was super sick) – but home and mellow wasn’t a bad choice.

First meal of 2011.

Not too shabby.

I hope your NYE was exactly as you wanted it to be. Tell me all about it, k?

h-HA-ppy halloween!! (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Oh, brunch.

You were delicious the first time.

Not so much when I ate you again on campus.

At least my drive TO school was pretty.

I love the plains right outside the foothills. They’re plain, sure (ha – see what I did there?), but they’re so pretty.

On campus two interesting things happened.

First, I got the computer with the single best name ever.

Appropriate, no?

Then? This boy was showing off? And then he fell. I tried not to laugh. Unsuccessfully. Fortunately, he was fine, negating any ‘bad person’ vibes I may have been sending off.

After school, I met Crockett and our buddies to at Lucky Pie in Louisville celebrate a friend’s birthday. That’s her happy face above.

Crockett and the birthday girl’s husband got there long before I did, but were only on their first beers. Lightweights.

There were other people drinking.


I adore the kitchen at Lucky Pie, but since I worked there (albeit briefly) I always have to resist the urge to walk up to the window and find out what the status of my order is.

After the party, we hit up Crockett’s brother and sister-in-law’s house for some quality family time and some leftover lasagne.

Oh, and a purple nurple. (Otherwise known as grape soda and gin. Crockett’s brother invented it and if you’ve never tried it, stop knocking it in your head. I know you are.)

We all tried on costumes in preparation for Halloween night.

I could own the blond thing, I just chose not to.


That’s Crockett’s mom in there. She’s charming and lovely and smart and if I never see her in this mask again it will be too soon.

Crockett and his brother dressed up as inadvertent twins. Weirdly, it happens with them all the time.

Little A dressed up as a .. surprise in a bag. I guess. Whatever it was, it was a wicked cute costume.

The events continued, but my photography continued less so. And? I’m tired of writing about Halloween. I leave you with this: Bob Ross and Alex Owens.

Perfect, no?