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positively supernatural

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Netflix sent me my Supernatural DVDs (Season 1, Discs 1-3) yesterday.

Just in time for Halloween. Sexy men fighting supernatural creatures is positively the most Halloween worthy thing I can think of – you?

Of course, I didn’t get to start watching said discs until late evening, because I had a ha-YOU-ge* day.

I was starving when I woke up. Starving in the way that a middle class American woman starves, that is, so really I mean ‘pretty hungry’. I was ‘pretty hungry’ when I woke up.

I filled the gaping void with falafel. Falafel – not just for breakfast anymore! (Wait, that doesn’t make sense.) Falafel and Earthbound Farms greens and hummus and my penultimate flatbread, all smooshed together and eaten while doing homework – do I know how to live or what?

It was a ridic level of pretty today, y’all. My commute parallels the mountains, and I have to say – could be uglier.

My delicious soupy lunch was enjoyed while taking notes in class.

Class was boring.

Don’t take my word for it.

Don’t you like how I’ve totally failed to protect his identity in any way with that smiley face? That’s what I was going for. He’s sleeping in class, and he does it every day. Every. Single. Day. He deserves no protection, because he’s either a genius or doesn’t give a flying whoop-de-do.

Once my soup was gone, I entertained myself by quizzing twitter on the random tiny balls of mysterious origin that I found in my backpack.

Don’t you find this mysterious?

How about now?

Twitter decided that they’re some form of silica, despite the lack of anything that needs protection from moisture in my bag. This is why twitter is the best invention ever.

Yeah, Facebook, you heard me.

I also tried to illustrate how fully I embraced purple yesterday.

I followed class with two and a half hours of asking for help. Since I find that quite exhausting and my 3 pm class was cancelled, I left campus and went to get my oil changed.

There was only one piece of reading material available.

Fortunately, the people working at Jiffy Lube entertained me.  They were also super quick, which means I STILL got home earlier than usual. I celebrated by cleaning my house. And then I celebrated cleaning my house with a Guinness, because the Irish love a clean house, amirite?

Since I’d already had soup once, I had to put something else together for dinner. I roasted a sweet potato and mashed it with salt and pepper, then fried an egg and dumped it on top. Delicious.

Brightest roundest yolk I’ve seen in perhaps forever, y’all. It was like a little yellow golf ball in a sea of squishy white.

For dessert? While doing homework?

Cinnamon popcorn. Yes, it started it’s life as microwave popcorn. I added cinnamon and sugar and shook like my life depended on it – then I ate it.


How was your Wednesday?

Saturday breakfast

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Chilaquiles, Crockett style.