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last local box

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

We get most of our produce from a company called Door To Door Organics. They do exactly what they sound like – they deliver organic produce weekly or fortnightly.

The way it works is this: they put together the menu for each box size. (We get the ‘bitty’ box.) They send you a list of what you can expect to get, and you have until the day before your delivery to go online and sub things for other things. You can also ask them not to include certain things ever – like I don’t get bell peppers or eggplant, because of my allergies.

We have only had this over the summer, because in the summer they offer a ‘local’ box. Everything in it comes from Colorado farms. Since I didn’t sign us up for a CSA (partially since we were gone for half the summer and partially since I forgot and the CSAs around here have waiting lists), this was the next best thing.

Of course, where it really shines is by forcing you to use things that you wouldn’t normally… and after our third week of kale chips, I started subbing out the kale for things grown elsewhere. Like avocados.


Anyway, the local box is still running, but I put our delivery on hold, because we’re getting into squash and potato time and those aren’t things we eat a lot of. As you can see, our last box included apples, pears, peaches, and a watermelon (actually local – I have no idea where in CO watermelons grow, but that’s what they say). Also, anaheim peppers (destined for chicken chile rellenos), potatoes, cauliflower and ‘table grapes’. I don’t know what table grapes are. They’re smaller than regular purple grapes – that’s all I got, variation wise.

It did not include the Chemex coffee maker or the Thai Kitchens Fish Sauce. Or the delicious freshly roasted coffee from Pauls. Just so we’re clear.

Two other things:

  1. My cholesterol is still high but my good number is way up and so I’m not taking medication! I just have to go back next year for another test. Whoop whoop.
  2. I’m off sugar for a week. I keep thinking that I’ll shake off the bad eating habits I picked up this summer, and it keeps not happening. (By bad eating habits I mean snacking and drinking – my meals are all good but I’m beer and chipped out, and yet we keep going places that have beer and chips and I keep putting them in mah damn mouth without end.) Hopefully a week of legumes and lean meats and vegetables and stuff will remind me what a day without tortilla chips is like.
Happy Sunday, y’all.