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Saturday, May 14th, 2011

One of me and Crockett’s favorite artists (Handiedan) has her first ever show in Denver opening tonight at Black Book Gallery. We went to the gallery yesterday to see if we could see them setting it up, because we’re sneaky like that. We were right, and lucky – not only did we get to see the art with no one else around, we got to meet Handiedan and talk to her about her work.

I was a little starstruck. She’s SO COOL.

Afterwards, we wanted to grab a drink and a burger, so we headed to a place that the gallery owner recommended. It’s called the Rackhouse Pub, and it’s adjacent to where they distill Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. Crockett loves that stuff, so we were sold.

Goldfish crackers

They gave us goldfish crackers in a measuring cup when we sat down, so I was sold.

beers at Rackhouse

Crockett had some quadruple-strong-nasty-butt-level-of-hops IPA (he and I do not have identical taste in beers), but I went with Dry Dock Hefeweizen. I love Hefeweizen, and this one was swell. Sweet and a little citrusy banany – delicious. Dry Dock is brewed in Denver too, and it’s kind of hard to find – I sort of think it’s like one dude and one little shop.

Reuben at Rackhouse

Despite our spoken desire for burgers, we each went a different route. I went Reuben with molasses baked beans …

Crabbie BLT at Rackhouse

… and Crockett went with the Crabbie BLT and bacon mac and cheese. The Crabbie BLT was a little odd – it was like a BLT with a single little crab cake hidden next to it. The mac and cheese was STELLAR.

Empty Mac and Cheese bowl at Rackhouse

Like lick-the-serving dish good. We were supposed to share the sandwiches and side dishes, but I just about got my damn fingers bit off when I went in for a second bite. I assume that means Crockett enjoyed it too, although his mouth was too full for me to understand what he was saying.

I’d alerted some of my Denver girlfriends to our presence in the big-big city (Louisville is actually only about 20 minutes from Denver, but I love my little town and don’t leave it that often) and by the time I ordered my second beer, they’d appeared to join us.

There was something a little Western about the restaurant, actually.

Maybe it was the waitress with the cowboy-boot-wearing-a-cowboy-hat tattoo.

Emma and Star at Rackhouse

Clinking Beers at Rackhouse

Partying like we’re in Deadwood, yo.

Emma and Crockett at Rackhouse

Crockett would have made an excellent cowboy. Look at that poker face.