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I wish

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

I wish that people were honest about how distracting dangly earrings are when you’re wearing them.

Photo 3

Especially when they jingle.

I wish that everyone was lucky enough to have coworkers who brought them home presents from business trips.

Photo 2

Even if those present are shoes with claws.

I wish you didn’t think that was a hypodermic needle. Come on, guys. It’s powdered sunscreen. We walk outside after lunch most days.

Photo 4

I wish that I liked green tea as much as I love Kashi. Green tea is good for you, and it has such cool names!

I still hate it.

Photo 1

I wish that biting all the delicious mango off the mango seed didn’t leave grody strings in my teeth.


I wish I’d remembered to bring vegetables with lunch today. Instead, I remembered the chicken and chickpea curry (Maya Kaimal, y’all), but had to buy the veggies from the cafeteria. They cost $2.38. I was cranky, but full.


I wish every house were required to have window boxes full of flowers.

This is not my house. My house does not have window boxes full of flowers.



I wish I could eat Humboldt Fog with honey and crackers and fresh blueberries for dinner every day for the rest of my natural life.

… Ok, I could actually probably make that last one happen, at least for awhile. I’d probably get tired of it if it didn’t feel like a treat, you know?

Or not. Man, I love me some goat cheese.

P.S. I feel like I dropped a lot of brand names today. I guess I was feeling lazy? Who knows. None of these brands know or care that I’m talking about them.

P.P.S. Everyone loves them some goat cheese, right?

it’s a jungle out there

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Do you know why they make playgrounds in such bright colors?

I’m pretty sure that it’s so I have something cheerful to look at on overcast days. I mean, I can’t think of any other possible reason.

Yesterday started with a very important date with Laura. Last week she fed me, this week we went out. Ideally, two weeks from now, I’ll feed her. It’s important to make time for this kind of thing, even when you have so much Java programming to do that you sort of want to slam your head in a piano and you didn’t do it the night because you saw your other friends that you don’t get to see very often and even then you had so much Java programming to do that you sort of wanted to smoosh your toes with an anvil just so you could have some time off.

I’m sorry, obviously I digress.

We went to Mimi’s Cafe. It’s a chain but Laura is over our local breakfast cafe and she adores the muffins at Mimi’s. I like the honey soaked bran ones, but I passed, what with honey and muffins both being on the things-to-avoid-if-possible-for-South-Beach list. Each breakfast comes with juice, and I opted for tomato.

Green tabasco for the tomato juice. Mmmm.

Laura requested the Buttermilk Spice muffin, but our waitress (who was hilarious and cheerful, which is so welcome in the morning) recommended a pumpkin spice muffin instead. Laura wasn’t nuts about it, but it had the crunchy topping which was apparently the most important part.

I had the Light ‘n Fit two egg plate. Eggs, dry wheat toast, and fruit.

I felt so healthy afterwards that I would have given myself a gold star if I’d had any. Sadly, I didn’t. Note to self: start carrying gold stars.

I went straight to school, thinking I’d have at least and hour to get some work done. Then? “Gas Main Break. Road Closed Ahead.” That’s never a good sign. (Ha, sign. Get it? Cause it was a real sign?)

People on the side of the road… then more people on the side of the road… then, yes, road closed. Sigh.

I did eventually make it and instead of working I snuck to the gym. It was great except, after my noon class, I realized I didn’t have any food for lunch. I raided my office.

Not the best option.

But it was all I had. I’d gotten it in a goody bag after a race last year. I rarely end up using those samples, but I guess this one came in handy.

It was pretty tasty, although I suspect they didn’t intend for me to eat it dry.

I supplemented with half a Larabar dipped in peanut butter. I was starving when I got home. I really need to put some thought into food I can keep in my office for situations like this – maybe some apples and … what else? Any ideas?