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it’s plum o’clock somewhere

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Yesterday, there was salad.

buffalo chik'n salad

There was coffee.


A lot of coffee.

water fountain

There was a new drinking fountain (on what is possibly the ugliest wall ever) at the gym. See, there’s a water bottle filler thingy above the drink-from-here thingy! (I don’t know why someone hasn’t already hired me as official namer of things.)



There was ramen (Thai Kitchen Bangkok Curry).

There was homework.

There was Costco, and a trip to the mall to return two shirts to Banana Republic that ended with us leaving with two (different) shirts from Banana and two shirts from J Crew (not all mine, Crockett was with me).

Most importantly, though?

There was pizza.

plum and pork pizza

I realize this is not the most attractive pizza you’ve ever seen. Partially, that’s because I made my own dough and then froze it in a pizza shape, and during the baking process it stuck to the foil I baked it on. Every piece had to be flipped and peeled before it could be eaten.

plum and pork pizza 2

What it lacked in prettiness, it made up for in damn-that’s-tasty-ness.

Plum and Pulled Pork Pizza

More of a suggestion than a recipe, ok? As in, I suggest that the next time you have these ingredients on hand, this is what you do with them. The suggested qualities are per serving – I made a pizza big enough for the two of us, so I used twice as much of everything as listed.

Pulled pork – any recipe, about half a cup 
Plums – preferably large ones, so you don’t end up with a lot of peel, about 1/2 
Goat cheese – 1/3 cup
Mozzarella – 1/3 cup
Thyme – teaspoon, dry
Olive oil
Pizza dough (fresh, homemade, frozen – I suspect even Boboli would work here)

  1. Heat the oven to 450, with the pan you want to cook the pizza on inside.
  2. Using a mandoline or a sharp knife, slice the pitted plum(s) into 1/8 inch thick slices.
  3. Separate the pork into bite size strands and chunks.
  4. Mix together the goat cheese and mozzarella in a small bowl.
  5. Roll out whatever pizza dough you’re using. (You want to be able to transfer it, so think small rather than huge (or use whatever your regular pizza baking strategy is)).
  6. Smoosh the cheese mixture over the dough and sprinkle over the thyme. Lay out the plum slices, overlapping in places (they’ll shrink in the oven) and brush them with olive oil. It’s fine if some of the oil gets onto the cheese or dough. Evenly distribute the pork over the top.
  7. Bake for about 18 minutes. If the pork starts to burn, you can cover the top with foil. (Alternatively, bake the whole thing for 10 minutes and then pull it out and add the pork and stick it back in).
  8. Eat it.

It’s sweet, but savory. Cheese, but not too cheesy.

It may be my single favorite pizza I’ve ever made, and I’m terrified that Crockett is going to eat the leftovers before I get home.

IMG 2514

With it, I served this salad. I already had the mandoline out, I had brussels sprouts, I had a new chunk of romano cheese from Costco – I was all set. The only changes I made were to leave out the thyme and to use almonds instead of hazelnuts.

I’ve recently realized that hazelnuts always taste stale to me.

Even in Nutella.

With that blasphemy, I leave you for class.


What camp counselor Emma eats

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011




Mr. Sunshine

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Yesterday I tried two new things.

Thing one: I made lemon curd in the microwave.

Except that I used half grapefruit juice.

You know, because of the great grapefruit overpurchase of 2011.

I have made a lot of curd in my life. When I was in pastry school, I made it virtually every day. Lemon curd, lime curd, mixed citrus curd, orange curd (this needs lemon in it, if you’re going to try it – orange juice isn’t acidic enough to carry a curd on it’s own).

I will never again make it outside a microwave.

The recipe at the link makes about 2 cups.

If you try it, be aware that you are going to have to strain it. Because you can’t stir it for ever second while it’s cooking, little pieces of eggs will get cooked. They just will.

This morning I put my new curd on my muesli.

The word curd is starting to sound gross.

But it still tastes good.

Because I’ve started eating yogurt with lunch, I thought perhaps I would mix up my muesli by using cottage cheese and walnuts instead of almonds.

It was interesting.

But probably won’t be repeated.

In case you’re wondering, all the dairy I consume is low fat or fat free.

Except cheese.

Because low fat cheese isn’t really cheese.

Crockett went to Paul’s, our local coffee shop that roasts beans on the premises, yesterday.

We’ve been drinking grocery store beans.

I don’t necessarily mind, but Crockett does, and when we make the Paul’s, I can tell the difference.

Mm. Fresh roasted.

The other new thing I tried was suspiciously delicious cabbage, from food52.

I wanted it to be suspiciously delicious, I did.

Perhaps if I’d used heavy cream instead of half and half, I would be able to say that it was.

However, I would say that I ate close to half of a cabbage’s worth myself.

So… delicious, yes. Suspiciously so? Eh.

Protective gear, 24/7

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Tuesday morning I took my last chocolate chip scone out of the freezer and put it on the counter to defrost, so I could snack on it when I got home from school.

When I did get home from school, I was distracted by cookies and I completely forgot to eat or re-wrap the scone.

Cookies are very appealing. They’re something of a brain black hole. What should I have for dinn… HEY COOKIES.

Yesterday morning the scone was all dried out, so I crumbled it over some cottage cheese and cut up some strawberries on top.

Then I pretended that had been my plan all along.

I had a showing of my house at lunchtime (anyone want to rent an adorable Louisville townhome?), and afterwards I was disheartened. Happily, Crockett had also had a moderately crappy morning.

What? I don’t like to be cranky alone.

We went out and let other people prepare food for us.

That always cheers us up.

Thank you, OLI, for my never-fail happy lunch of green chili.

I took the girls for a walk and then settled down to get some homework done prior to….


Full disclosure: I don’t really enjoy the actually hockey as much as I enjoy the beer and the yelling.

Beer and yelling.

Me, in a nutshell.

The beer was 1554 – I love it when there’s a non-Bud Light option.

Not that I won’t drink Bud Light, if that’s all there is at a sporting event.

I totally will.

Sadly, the Avs lost in overtime.

Also, you don’t get to see the nachos we ate because we both woke up, unhappy in our bellies, at 3:15 this morning, and I blame the nachos. They’ve forfeit their right to be pictured by making us sick.

Please accept this lovely picture of happy coffee in exchange.

starry starry night

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

I did mention that I have a perfectly good office, right?

I do.

I swear.

My working at the coffee table is a choice.

P.S. Yes, this is instant coffee. What? Crockett had been out of town for like 12 hours, and he’s the coffee maker. I no longer stock my pre-ground beans, and turns out when he’s not around to grind ‘em I’m just not that motivated.

When I work at the coffee table, I sit on the floor.

Cloey think that means she gets to lord it over me.

Maida, on the other hand, finds it all just tooooo boring.

My orchids were not doing well in this window – but don’t they look pretty with the snow?

Are you asking yourself if this is the same coffee table at lunch as it was at breakfast?

It is.

Are you asking yourself if I moved between lunch and breakfast?

I didn’t, aside from the preparation required for said lunch and breakfast. And said preparation was minimal. I microwaved some broccoli soup (from a box, not as good as the butternut squash but not bad) and then microwaved a Chik’n pattie, and then chopped the pattie up for toast with Franks wing sauce.

Some days a microwave is a girl’s best friend.

These are scrambled eggs. Topped with salsa. On whole wheat bread.

And wait, is that more broccoli soup?

Yes, yes it is.

You know what else it is, though?


That’s right.

The downstairs one.

Dinner: Coffee table – 0, Emma – 1.

I felt much better this morning. I consider this cold mostly defeated. Better enough to use the elliptical while watching Glee (no I didn’t cry jesus christ why would you even ask ok fine I DID are you happy now?) and then do sit-ups, even. Maida acted as my sit-up buddy.

In an effort to branch out from the Morningstar Farm Chik’n patties of yesterday, I microwaved a salmon cake and smooshed it up to put on toast with green chili mustard for lunch.

Not pictured except where that green mug very slightly appears in the corner: more broccoli soup.

I took a very slight homework break today to go to Lowe’s and find some alternate plants for the window, so I could move the poor scorched orchids out of the direct sun. Now I have aloe and … three other things whose names I’ve already forgotten. That’s ok, though – they’re all ‘bright light’ babies.

givin it all you got

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

We’re out of coffee, so Crockett busted out some substandard blend for our breakfast this morning.

(I kind of liked it. Don’t tell him, but as long as it’s brown, caffeinated, and has at least two packets of Splenda, I’m a happy camper.)

Last night, I blanched a bunch of almonds at like 11 pm, with the intention of making almond butter. At midnight, when my blanching hands were tired, I went to bed and resumed the almond butter making this morning.

Yes, the blanching is only about 95% complete.

Yes, I’m ok with that. Those last little bastards were too tough for even this girl.

I’ve actually never made nut butter before, but as I understand it, you just dump the nuts into a food processor, turn it on, and move on.

Whiz whiz whiz.

Turns out that almonds are drier than peanuts, and even after twenty freaking minutes things were still kinda … lumpy.

I added a little oil, and a little honey…

… finally got around to eating breakfast…

and then took half the almond butter and added unsweetened chocolate and agave nectar.

The almond butter (non-chocolate), made an excellent addition to my salady lunch. I haven’t tried the chocolate version yet, but I’m thinking I might have to – you know, for research – as an afternoon snack.

Mmm… chocolate.