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no, you look like YOU belong in fan fiction

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

I think I ate my weight in appetizers tonight.

I met my very serious faced girlfriend up there (Yvonne) at Chilis. Crockett came for a bit, just to say hi to Vonnie, and while he and I were waiting (because we don’t work in any real sense of the word – I mean, he busts his butt but mostly from home and at weird hours, and I … well, we all know I no longer contribute to society in any significant way*) for her to get off of work, we ordered some snacks. Then when Vonnie came we ordered some more.

Chilis has this three-fer appetizer plate thing right now, and between the three of us we ate two of them. On each plate we had the burger sliders, which had bacon and cheese and stuff, and then we had southwestern eggrolls, artichoke and spinach dip, potato skins, and boneless buffalo wings.

Weight in appetizers, people.

After Crockett left and Vonnie and I finished eating, a middle aged man came over to point out that our server had been slow to clear our table… and then to tell us that the two of us are the kind of strong amazing girls that he writes fantasy fiction about.

Fantasy fiction. Not fan fiction. See, I thought he meant erotica – but he went on to describe, at length, the girl in one of his stories that was blind but used a bat that was tethered to her shoulder to help her ride her mountain bike and used that skill to save a town.

Not erotica.

I was both pleased and insulted.

Today? I also?

Hung some hooks on the wall behind the door of our bedroom, for my daily detritus that usually ends on the floor.

See? Hats ‘n stuff.

Ok, the hooks are not completely straight, and the one with the scarf is a little jiggly. See, I got all high and mighty and told Crockett that I could do it with my electric drill when he suggested that might be overkill, and then I refused to use a level or any kind of measuring instrument at all.

Lest you think I’m just not good with tools, let me inform you that after getting my undergrad degree I worked in the machine shop of the National Institute of Science and Technology, designing and machining parts and tools for big important scientist types. I measured mistakes in micrometers. I could use both manual and CNC mills and lathes.

That’s right.

I used to be a badass.

Now, I refuse to use a level because I find it complicated.

How the mighty have fallen.

Anyway – don’t they look nice? I took a picture today because I’m sure that by tomorrow they’ll all be supporting more weight than they were cleared for in the form of denim and sundresses.

*Education is significant. I know. Whatevs.