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Friday, March 11th, 2011

This is clearly not an enchilada.

Nope, still not an enchilada.

There they are.

With red sauce.

With green sauce.

Both from a can.

Actually visible enchiladas.

Never let it be said that I don’t do things for you.

Last night there were still leftover enchiladas, but I draw the line at three consecutive identical non-breakfast meals.

Goat cheese and mushroom stuffed chicken with shallot pan sauce and wild rice pilaf.

… and salad.


lovey dovey day

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

I have this very similar picture of Crockett, taken in this very kitchen, from about a month after we started dating – our first Valentine’s Cookie Day.

In that one he has flour on his nose. I couldn’t make him repeat that part this time. Partially because he’s cutting up avocados, which are well known for being non-floury.

I made my favorite sugar cookies (recipe from The Good Cookie – my absolute favorite cookie book ever). I don’t alter the recipe as printed at all, so I’m not going to write it down for y’all – just buy the book and use the Decorator Cookies. These are very mildly lemon flavored, perfectly soft, and just delicious.

While the hearts were in the oven, we started Crockett’s new V-Day request. He IM’d me yesterday and specifically requested that we add chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin to our V-Day repertoire.

Oatmeal raisin cookies are of the devil, so we made chocolate chip cookies.

MASSIVE chocolate chip cookies.

On the principle of not messing with a good thing, this is the Nestle recipe. I only make four changes. First, I use dark brown sugar instead of light. Second, I use 1 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of white instead of 3/4 cup of each. Third, I decrease the baking soda (but that’s an altitude thing). Fourth, I use about 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips instead of 2 cups.

This makes chewy delicious cookies in which you occasionally get a chocolate free bite.

Sometimes I like a chocolate free bite.

I know, I’m a lunatic.

While we waited for the heart cookies to cool enough to decorate, we ate the dinner that Crockett made.

Spicy black beans, brown basmati rice, guacamole, chips, and grilled chicken.

That’s right, we busted out the outdoor grill in February. It was like 60 yesterday.

By we, I mean Crockett.

I was distracted by cookies.

We didn’t do official Valentine’s Day presents, but I consider this guacamole my present.

I ate my weight in it, I’m pretty sure.

We also watched The Social Network.

I found it depressing.

The we decorated cookies! See how layer-y flakey they are? I’m not kidding. Best sugar cookies ever.

We did two styles. One with a pink royal icing…

… and one with a pink cream cheese frosting and crunchy pink sparkles.


Pink pink pink.

Plus, did I not tell you these were gigantic?

You can barely see my hand.

Gigantic chocolate chip cookies, pink cookies, and guacamole.

Best Valentine’s Day ever.


Wednesday, January 26th, 2011



People, having Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays off does not suck.

Sure, I’m working 20 hours during those days for the National Science Foundation …. (as far as they know) … (just kidding, NSF guys, I totally am). But still, being home those days?
Not horrible.

Yesterday we started with oatmeal. All important and delicious oatmeal. As is our wont, we went two different directions: me, pumpkin butter and cottage cheese. Crockett, brown sugar and half and half.

You can’t say the man has bad taste.

The wake up process is gradual.

Coffee helps.

Right now, reading this, he’s wondering again why he decided to upgrade my camera for my birthday.

Part of the whole ‘breakfast nook’ thing seems to mean that I end up eating surrounded by puppies.

I eat surrounded by puppies because, honestly, I give the puppies whatever the hell they want.

It’s sort of ridiculous.

But? Just look at that face.

After lotsa school work and consulting-site work and a short trip back to my old house to pack up yet more stuff, I came home and made my favorite salad – the buffalo salad. Easy peasy: fake chicken patty, mixed greens (with baby spinach added because good lord if we had any more baby spinach it would technically be the baby spinach’s house instead of ours), light blue cheese dressing, and Frank’s Wing Sauce. People, if you are in the overlap of people who like salad and people who like buffalo wings and people who try to eat vegetarian sometimes just for kicks, you should try this. I recommend Marie’s Light Bleu Cheese dressing – not because they asked me to (they didn’t), but because a) I find it delicious and b) I find it reassuring that you find it in the refrigerated section. Unrefrigerated dairy freaks me out.

Afternoon snacks of the crucial variety: the last of my Chobani (sad face) and an orange, cut up all fancy like I learned in pastry school.

After Crockett got home, we had leftover stew. You can’t tell, but there is a secret ingredient this time.


Just kidding. I mean, there was totally love in there, but that’s no secret. I always cook with love. I’m loving like that. The secret ingredient in THIS bowl is broken up tortilla chips on the bottom, Frito pie style. You can’t see them, but they were there, and they were delicious.

Happy Monday (said from Tuesday night)!

dear internets

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

There’s nothing like watching your man put the dishes away while he makes coffee and you do your seriously Sunday morning lounging.

After he cleared out, I made smoothies.

Since I was making two and my little smoothie blender has been working awfully hard just to make one lately, I used the food processor.

Ingredients: three handfuls of baby spinach, half cup of lowfat cottage cheese, half a fresh banana, half a frozen banana, milk, and frozen blueberries. Ingredients I forgot: raw oatmeal.

The food processor made the smoothie fluffy.

It was weird.

Properly fortified, we finally got around to taking down the Christmas tree. This is an ornament I made for him in 2009 (I know, you totally couldn’t tell), our first Christmas as a couple.

I know, I’m adorable.

This is my favorite of his ornaments. Even though the shininess of the adjoining ornaments made it impossible to focus on it. It came with him to Colorado from his parents house.

Instead of a star, we had a monkey abducting a nutcracker.

We’re subversive like that.

Also represented, a punching nun.

I have no explanation for this.

The tree looks so much less festive without the decorations.

Also, since it’s late January, so much more seasonally appropriate.

I think we should leave gold garland up year round.

This sap looked like diamonds to my eyes, but not to my camera.

I have photo-learning to do.

We stripped the tree, prior to taking it out the door.

At this point, we seriously considered just leaving it.

Because we’re subversive like that.

I went to my old house to pack up my bathroom (finally – also, why I have so many damn bottles of shampoo I have no idea), and came home to fortify myself with chicken stew and beer.

The stew doesn’t deserve a full recipe. It’s basically chicken thighs, kidney beans, pinto beans, crushed tomatoes, chili powder, salt, and cornmeal. Today I added more salt and a little crushed red pepper, and it’s much better, but it still needs help.

Crockett made some gaucamole for me and his brother, who is here. Crockett makes the world’s best guacamole. I may have previously mentioned that.

Then I shared my beer with a nun. This particular nun really enjoys her Newcastle – a woman after my own heart.

Sunday, man.

rain on your parade indeed

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

After lunch yesterday I packed up my school stuff and the girls and I headed over to Crockett’s, because an occasional change of scenery does the mind good.

He has a lovely little office, but there’s no room for two, so I took over the entire front half of the living room. (I have a lot of stuff.)

It turned into a truly non-Colorado like afternoon. It felt more like Portland (where my little brother lives). If I lived in a grey place I would probably get tired of it, but here were we have our 300+ days of sunshine a year some grey can be calming. It rained on and off for hours, which was fine because I was all FOCUSED.

Over the course of the afternoon I progressed from coffee, to diet Pepsi, to water, to wine. See? FOCUSED.

It takes a lot of focus to do homework through four different beverages.

Ok fine, those two things are not related. But they felt related when I took this picture.

Crockett walked into the kitchen and said ‘should I do that thing you always do? You know, where you just look through your kitchen and decide what to make?’ Apparently I invented that, so next time you do it, drop a check in the mail all right?

No, really. I know where you live.

Ok, that’s not true. I have no idea. Continue winging dinner whenever you feel like it.

Crockett’s what-I-have-laying-around proved to be a tasty baja marinade (baja the flavor? the city? I have no idea, it just said ‘baja’ on the bottle’), chicken, and rice. He put the rice on and got to working his chicken magic, and I rummage through his fridge to find something to pop it up with.

Solution: sweetened flaked coconut and walnuts. I rinsed the sugar off the coconut and threw it in with the rice as it cooked, and toasted and chopped the walnuts.

Verdict? Delicious! Except the rice was a little dry – when I added the coconut I should have added more water.

Easy and tasty solution. Crockett didn’t believe me that it would work with the coconut and nuts, but clearly I have a more sophisticated palette than he does.

Maida knew it was delicious, so she camped out under the coffee table hoping for a spare grain.


Wednesday lunch

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Yet more curried chicken, this time paired more colorfully with creamed spinach and a peach.

Monday lunch

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I can assure you that is is far more ummy than it looks. It’s purchased curried red lentil soup with grilled yogurt curry chicken and Jacobs Cream Crackers stirred in. Monochromatic, yes, but tasty.

Saturday dinner

Monday, July 19th, 2010

There is no good way to photograph cold pesto pasta chicken salad with an iPhone, but I gave it my best shot because it was damn tasty. Those wacky looking noodles are ripped up lasagne, cause that’s what I had. I prefer to think of it as ‘rustic’ (not ‘underprepared’).

Drinks- I had wine, whiskey, club soda, and a variety of fruit and fruit syrup available. Mine was wine, soda, cherry syrup, and preserved cherries. I have no idea what Crockett’s was, but it was very pretty, which is exactly what he was going for, I’m completely sure.

Thursday dinner

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Crockett is quite the grill master- the only things I contributed to this meal were the beaYOUtifully sliced watermelon and the pb&j salad. ( we had leftover spicy peanut dressing and I stirred in strawberry jam. Mmmmm.)