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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

It’s -10 degrees outside.


Yet somehow none of my classes have been cancelled, because:

The School is an adult community and is a residential campus. Unlike elementary or secondary schools, the School does not abandon its operations to prevent small children and other students from potential travel or weather hazards. Students, faculty, and staff are all urged, however, to use discretion and judgment not to endanger their individual safety in order to travel to campus. In the event of a weather emergency, one should carefully weigh the risks of travel to and from the place of study or work, utilizing the best available public news disclosures or contacts to School offices able to be open.

Sadly, I have in person assignments due in three of my four classes, so …

I’m up and eating the rest of the ricotta breakfast casserole. This is the upside to wrapping leftovers in foil – you can occasionally be surprised by something tasty.

Yesterday I didn’t have to go anywhere, so I stayed home and made stuffed french toast with croissants. I did one croissant with ham and cheddar and one with almond paste, and we each had half of each.

The unfortunate thing abou croissants is that the outside layer stops the egg liquid from getting through. I put the outsides on the inside, but it was still never really a sandwich as much as it was two pieces of french toast with hot dry stuff in between.

Which certainly isn’t icky.


Oh, I actually did leave the house yesterday – for staples.

That’s a completely valid reason to wear my new gloves.

Bought for $1.50 at Kohls.

Crockett didn’t leave the house either.

P.S. Yes, we need furniture risers for this couch. The mismatched undercushion isn’t permanent, promise.

It never got that snowy. Can it be too cold to snow?

The natural choice for a snowy day?

Soup, of course.

As if I even had to ask.

This is butternut squash soup from Imagine Foods, with the very last of my Chobani yogurt stirred in. On the side is a salad with baby spinach and mixed greens, honey mustard dressing, pecans, low-fat feta, and an amusingly mandolined apple.

See? Amusing.

I make my own fun.

For dinner I made a recipe that the Kitchn recently published, from one of their editors new cookbooks – Chickpea Casserole with Lemon, Herbs, and Shallots.

The only substitutions I made were white rice instead of brown, because we had some leftover, and dried rosemary soaked in water until soft instead of fresh. (I added the water too, don’t worry.)

I put off posting last night so I could include pictures of the finished product… and then forgot to take them.

It was good. It came out a little dry, but since I’m using a convection oven for the first time that might be more my fault than the recipes.

Anyway. Brrr.

eat your heart out, woodie guthrie

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Last night I was full of the hyper. I don’t know why that sometimes happens – it carried through until after my run today, though, so I’m not gunna mess with it. Bring it on, hyper.

Of course, Crockett, who had specifically requested that we sleep in because neither of us had anywhere to be, was not thrilled that I woke up at 7:30 and was all ok let’s-go-let’s-go-let’s-go… but I had made him breakfast already, so we were fine.

Breakfast? Already made when I woke up?

Why, yes. Pancetta and Cinnamon Ricotta Breakfast Casserole, actually.

Assembling it is what I did last night when it was 10:30 and I wasn’t ready for bed.

First, I cut up some bacon.

Because really, why not.

Then I chopped up the rosemary-thyme yeast wreath that I tested for food52 and stuck in the freezer.

There may or may not have been a ricotta blender incident.

Oh wait. There definitely was a ricotta blender incident. You know how you can tell? From the ricotta on my shirt.

P.S. I didnt’ use ricotta. I used cottage cheese. Crockett hates cottage cheese, so I was trying to keep it a secret, but I can’t lie to you!

Started with bread.

Added bacon (cooked until crispy).

Ricotta, brown sugar, and Frangelico (what? Crockett didn’t have any vanilla and mine was like two miles away).

Second layer of bread.

In the morning, after twenty minutes out of the fridge and forty minutes in the oven, it became part of a balanced breakfast.

Crockett’s included a mixture of Superfood and orange juice.

Mine didn’t.

But it was good anyway.