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psych. oh.

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

Friday was rough, y’all. I had two glasses of wine over about four hours, and I woke up hung over.

At least I did it in a nice cushy hotel bed.

I suspect that all of the breakdancing dehydrated me, creating a higher blood alcohol percentage than such a reasonable amount of wine would have normally done. I suspect that, because the alternative is that my ripe old age of 29 means I’m too old to drink two glasses of wine, dance until midnight, and then hop up the next morning happy and refreshed.

The hangover required a substantial breakfast.

Sadly, the eggs were truly horrific. When I dished them up, I found the smell a little off-putting, but I wanted some protein so I toughed it out. However, they tasted worse than they smelled. I think the onions were slightly past their prime, cut too large, and undercooked. Onions and I have a hard time. We have our moments, but it’s mostly when they’re fully deliciously caramelized.

I blame it all on a job I had in college that involved cutting all the rotten parts out of purple onions so they could be diced for a salad bar.

You haven’t known nauseous until you’ve become intimately familiar with the smell of rotten onion.

Or been pregnant. So I’ve heard.

I ate the apple and the tiny muffin (which was good) and supplemented with some overly sweet yogurt (I like mine plain) and a tiny blueberry scone (outside: yummy, inside: not). Basically, breakfast was sad and not enough to carry me happily through the talks that followed.

You know that thing where your head keeps dropping and you catch it at the last second and you look like you’re doing some very slow jive move?

Despite much coffee, that was me.

When lunch rolled around, I passed on the sandwiches that seemed to focus on green cheese. Because I’m not Dr. Seuss.

Chowder and a  cucumber wrapped panzanella were better, but still not great.

In order to compensate, I had to have two desserts.

They were those cute shooters like they serve in PF Changs. This one was cappuccino mousse on top with chocolate mousse on the bottom. Good, but custards aren’t really my thing. I prefer to trade my calories for texture.

Afterwards, still mildly unsatisfied, I tried one of the vanilla caramel desserts that everyone else was ignoring. The chocolate, cappuccino, and raspberry ones went like wildfire, but there was a rumor in the crowd that the liquid caramel under the vanilla custard was too strong.

I am here today to tell you that is patently untrue.

That caramel was fucking delicious. (Yeah, family friendly, I know. Sometimes the word just has to be invoked.)

The desserts carried me through the rest of the conference, including the announcement that I did not win the poster conference, but that I did do very very well. Yippee-ki-yi-yay.

I came home, exhausted, on the downside of a sugar high and a hangover, and I did my favorite thing in the world.

Sat on the couch and talked to Crockett.

We went out to get some dinner, but we ate at the bar and it was dark and we were watching a fellow we’d just met unsuccessfully try to make a new lady friend and ok fine I forgot to take a picture. I had Chicharrone Style Chicken Tacos (Breaded and Fried, Avocado, Cilantro, Hot Sauce). They were delicious and a fine goodbye to the whole ‘damn if I care how my heart feels about my meal’ attitude that I’ve (apparently) had my whole life.

If you found out you needed to permanently modify your diet, what would you eat before you started?