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white whale

Saturday, September 17th, 2011


Yesterday I got a (the last!) spot in my favorite parking lot.

It was obviously a sign.

I had a little snack while I walked to my car, so that I’d have enough energy to go to…

Since I had such good luck on campus, I thought maybe I’d try my luck after school at Target. Perhaps they would be restocking the Missoni zigzag sweater coat for the Saturday shoppers!

What. It could happen.

Sadly, the Missoni coats were still MIA. I did get the groceries and stuff that I like to get at Target though – cream cheese (always cheaper there), cotton swabs, stuff like that. Not produce. Never produce. (Why do I feel that Target is less reliable for produce than, say, Albertsons? No idea.)

Also, yes, everything in that picture that isn’t in a Target bag was in my car prior to my shopping trip. It’s all school papers and clothes (eventually) headed for Goodwill.

When I got home I stirred some rice and soy sauce up with an egg in a fry pan. I wanted a little lunch because last night was…


Yeah, I know yesterday was September 16th. Since I’m not entirely sure what the history of Oktoberfest is, I’m not sure that’s wrong, but doesn’t it seem like Oktoberfest should be in October? Silly Louisville.

We ended up heading over there later than I’d expected, so I had a nectarine that had been in the fridge so long it was all wrinkly. It was so amazingly sweet – it literally tasted like I’d dipped each bite in honey.

Maida wanted some too.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. I did, however, remember both my phone and the always crucial ID. Dale’s Little Yella Pils for me thank you very much.

The band that was playing when we got there was (were?) The Beloved Invaders.

They’re surf rock.

I sort of feel like Louisville was phoning in the whole Oktoberfest thing.

The food choices were pretty limited.

Along with bratwurst and pizza by the slice, there was this guy – frying up Oreos and funnel cakes like there was no tomorrow.

Since we didn’t feel like sausages, we headed to The Empire for dinner after we’d had our Oktoberfill.

(See what I did there?)

Crockett had a BLAT.

I ate half.

I had a calamari salad.

Crockett ate half.

I guess, if you have someone to share dinner with, the white whale (or Missoni sweater) isn’t that important after all.






back in the groove

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Let’s just get this out of the way.

Emma, what did you do today?

Homework. Oh, and? A trip to the mall with my man, because we had a gift certificate.

Homework and the mall.

You have no idea how adventurous I feel right now.

Crockett made me his signature brain-food breakfast. I love eggs and avocados – it’s like all the best fats, mushed together.

We’re starting to lose our bizarre mid-January heat wave. Between that and me being all focussy, the chicas had quite the relaxed day.

Before we hit up Williams Sonoma with our $20 piece of magic paper, we stopped by the OLI for green chili…

… and a chicken panini with sweet potato fries.

There’s no bad here, y’all. This green chili is my favorite, and these fries?

Yes please.

When we hit the mall, Crockett gave some serious thought to whether or not we need new drinkware…

…while I found what are clearly the coolest dessert plates ever.

Sadly, we bought neither, since this is Crate & Barrel and we were WS bound.

Still, Emma dessert plates.

play well with others

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Crockett’s dad was supposed to head home Monday night, but ice pellets in Chicago stopped him.

While it was a hassle for him, he did get to experience Crockett’s signature egg and avocado breakfast.

We after breakfast, we headed out on a little field trip and left the girls guarding Crockett’s house. See, while Crockett’s dad didn’t make it home to New York, his bag did. We went to Kohl’s to pick him up a couple of shirts and… you know, whatever else men need if they’re several days without their stuff.

While CD shopped, Crockett and I wandered around – something that can be dangerous the week before Christmas sales. The aisles were full of stocking stuffers, one of which seemed to be perfect for me and me alone.

I love Puppies.

I don’t know what such a video game might consist of, and I don’t have a game system to play it on, but since I do love puppies I carried it around with me all day.

Then we swung by Costco. It wasn’t as busy as I’d feared, and we got all kinds of samples and loaded up on Turkey day groceries. Please note the gigantic bag of celery (and ignore the 10 pound sack of sugar).

Most of the samples we saw went directly from the sample table to mah belleh, but this one made it’s way into my purse to be enjoyed when we got home. The wrapper was dark blue and I took a guess that it meant dark chocolate, but it was in fact stuffed with peanut butter. Wasn’t the end of the world.

I also bought a bag of salmon patties, what with the heart healthy fish fats. I put one on Crockett’s teeny Foreman grill and ate it with some mixed greens and a light Caesar dressing I found in the depths of Crockett’s fridge (before we packed all the groceries into it).

The Crockett and his dad went off to visit the rest of the Colorado branch of the family, and the girls and Monk and I settled in for literally hours of data mining homework. (Last homework for two days, thank goodness).

When the boys got home we cooked up some tamales and watched the Dancing with the Stars finale.

Edge of your seat stuff.


Mmm hmm.

I got a feeling

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Today, I woke with the Black Eyed Peas song I Got A Feeling stuck in my head on endless loop.

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone – sometimes I spend the night at Crockett’s house. I know. It’s ok, though, cause we’re old and responsible and also I always bring my dogs with me, so they’re fine. All concerns allayed? Excellent.

One of the many reasons I love waking up at his house?

He buys really good coffee from a local coffee shop, Paul’s. Paul’s roasts the beans in house and gives all the blends names that are full of supercool, like Jitterbug.

He makes it either in a french press or in this Chemex coffeemaker that I got him for his birthday.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I buy my coffee pre-ground and make it in a little countertop Mr. Coffee.

So delicious. So so delicious.

With coffee like this, and my computer and books in hand, why would I go home?

I didn’t. Crockett made me a truly perfect egg.

He was on a role this morning. (Ok, he forgot that I’m not currently eating toast, but Maida may or may not have licked the hell out of the piece he gave me, so it didn’t go totally to waste.)

When I’m camped on Crockett’s couch, Cloey likes to camp with me. She’s loyal like that.

Homework failed to eradicate the Black Eyed Peas. Star sent me a link to, which temporarily helped by refreshing my memory of Barbie Girl, but eventually failed me.

I faced off with some serious C++ and didn’t get my ass totally kicked, so Crockett took me to lunch.

It’s a little embarrassing how fantastic he was today. Perhaps he’s buttering me up for some ski trip or something.

Lucky Pie, our local pizzeria, is now serving lunch.

A pizzeria when you’re not eating sugar, you say?

You say correctly, but I figured something out. Crockett had this chicken salad sandwich with a side of KIND OF AMAZING polenta. When I make polenta at home, it never comes out like this. I think it’s a combination of too light a hand with the butter and too fine of polenta. I need to branch out into stone ground.

You know, in two to five weeks. When I can eat it again.

It’s time for me to stop whining about South Beach, isn’t it? Ok. Done. Starting… now.

I had a salad with roasted chicken, olives, and gorgonzola. It was no polenta, but it was tasty.

We walked through downtown Louisville afterwards, the better to enjoy the 29 degree weather.

I love Louisville. I love Crockett’s puffy green vest.

We got back to Crockett’s and my mom managed to solve the whole Black Eyed Peas problem for me.

She restarted our ‘John Deere Green’ feud. (It’s a country song. We intentionally try and stick it in each other’s heads. It’s cruel and if I were not 29, I’d report her to the authorities.)

I wanted to do more homework, I really did, but … but….

there were movies to be watched!

I did take my books downstairs with us, just in case the mood struck.

It actually did, for a little bit…

…but then Maida interrupted as only a lapdog can.

After two movies, Crockett left me for a bike riders club of some kind. I was hungry and his pantry sparse, so…

… walnuts!

His meeting ran longer than expected, and he called me on the way home to discuss dinner. Again, sparse pantry. Frozen pizza! (Yeah, not South Beach friendly, but not eating at all isn’t healthy either, dontcha know.) The California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are good, y’all. It could be my carb starved taste buds, but we split a flat crust bbq chicken one, and I ate almost half.

I kind of wish there were more.

Anyway, obviously I had an INSANELY productive day. You?