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givin it all you got

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

We’re out of coffee, so Crockett busted out some substandard blend for our breakfast this morning.

(I kind of liked it. Don’t tell him, but as long as it’s brown, caffeinated, and has at least two packets of Splenda, I’m a happy camper.)

Last night, I blanched a bunch of almonds at like 11 pm, with the intention of making almond butter. At midnight, when my blanching hands were tired, I went to bed and resumed the almond butter making this morning.

Yes, the blanching is only about 95% complete.

Yes, I’m ok with that. Those last little bastards were too tough for even this girl.

I’ve actually never made nut butter before, but as I understand it, you just dump the nuts into a food processor, turn it on, and move on.

Whiz whiz whiz.

Turns out that almonds are drier than peanuts, and even after twenty freaking minutes things were still kinda … lumpy.

I added a little oil, and a little honey…

… finally got around to eating breakfast…

and then took half the almond butter and added unsweetened chocolate and agave nectar.

The almond butter (non-chocolate), made an excellent addition to my salady lunch. I haven’t tried the chocolate version yet, but I’m thinking I might have to – you know, for research – as an afternoon snack.

Mmm… chocolate.