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Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

The food at my training sucked.

Ok, fine. That may not be entirely true – I wouldn’t know about two of the days.

Photo 3  2

I don’t know if you can see the problem here, so let me lay it out for you.

There are green peppers in every one of those options. The middle one is tofu! Which was nice for vegetarians! But still, green peppers.

Photo 5

Those are not jalepenos. They’re bell peppers.

Photo 4

Who the hell puts bell peppers in guacamole? Our cafeteria, apparently.

Photo 1

Is it terrible to say that I briefly considered eating something with the peppers in it to get out of the training via allergic reaction? Briefly, I said! When I’d ruled that out, I ended up with a choice of a tortilla with cheese and either lettuce or sour cream.

Fortunately, I’d packed a lunch. I had some tasty farro and mozzarella balsamic salad while everyone else enjoyed their fajita bar.

And then I made Rick Bayless’s Zucchini, Corn, and Poblano Tacos at home to make myself feel better.

They were awesome.

Photo 3

Day two was lasagne. Have you seen a tray of hotel lasagne? With unidentified meat product in the red version and a puddle of oil seeping out of the white version? Then you know what the lasagne looked like.

I didn’t eat it either. I ate farro and mozzarella balsamic vinegar salad again. I am VERY original.

Photo  25

Yesterday we had sandwiches! I ate those. And the cookie. And two platefuls of the fruit salad.


Anyway, overall? Training food is not good food. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Monday, January 31st, 2011


We got a very exciting email yesterday afternoon.

A ‘hey you wanna come have hibachi with us tonight?’ email.

What, some days fewer exciting things happen than other days.

Our original plan was to go to Benihana, but they could only fit us in at 5 or 8:30. Since our dinner companions have a lil girl and we’re not 100 years old, neither of those worked for us. We ended up at Hibachi.

Do you know how much food you get at a hibachi place?
Wait – do you know what hibachi is? It’s that thing where you all sit around a massive hot plate and you get your food cooked in front of you? Ok, just checking.

While we debated what to order, I asked for a glass of Cupcake chardonnay (so tasty) and took pictures of our place settings. I’m not usually a fan of Japanese design, but these plates – man alive, if I’d been carrying a bigger purse we may have been using them for breakfast this morning.

I ended up ordering the veggie hibachi entree with tofu. If I were able to play ominous music, this is where it would start, so consider yourself foreshadowed.

Our chef was very nice and had nothing to do with the tragedy that is forthcoming.

Doesn’t he look… active?

Seriously, the man never stood still. It was fun but not particularly photogenic.

We’d ordered some sushi, but it didn’t come before he started cooking our veggies. Also, first he put some mystery stuff under bowls. (That will be important later, so I hope you’re paying attention.) The veggies got all sautee-ee – it was fun.

At some point during the sauteing, Crockett’s cold sake came. The container had ice IN it, which I found genius.

I don’t necessarily appreciate cold sake.

I like warm sake. I know it’s┬áplebeian. I don’t care. Maybe I’m a plebe.

Our chef then made a flaming onion volcano.

That’s right – Flaming. Onion. Volcano.

I would tell you how he made that happen, but Hibachi made me sign a NDA.

(That’s a lie.)

During the flaming, our sushi came.

I haven’t had that much sushi here on MBD, have I? In general, I prefer my sushi sweet. I like salmon, because it’s a little sweet, but I love the ones that come with sauce. (Again, plebe, right here. Whatever.) I love me some Unagi, you guys. I would eat these little sauced eel morsels every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. Of course, for breakfast I would probably stir them into some oatmeal.

Crockett, on the other hand, really likes his tuna. He ordered two tuna pieces and two yellowtail pieces, and then traded a tuna for a salmon with our buddies at my request, because tuna isn’t my favorite thing. Salmon? Sure. Raw shrimp? Okey dokey. The tuna, though – just not my cup of tea.

When we’d finished our sushi, our vegetables were miraculously done and ready to be plated.

At this point we’d already had soup, salad, our sushi, and our rice had been served.

Yeah, a lot of food.

The chef then threw a big pile of noodles onto the grillhotplatething, sauced em up, and added em to the list of things to consume.

Here’s where things got a little sad.

I’d ordered the veggies with tofu, and because I was being silly and assuming that the veggies would be those that I’d already seen (broccoli/onion/carrot/squash), I didn’t ask if there were green bell peppers or eggplant involved.

What with green bell peppers and eggplants making it hard for me to breath via allergic reaction and all.

See the peppers in the above pic?

That’s Crockett’s plate. Turns out there were some peppers hanging out in one of those upsidedown bowls, and by the time I’d noticed, they’d already been all stirred up with my tofu.

The chef offered to make me a new tofu, but I felt like crud for not remembering to ask, and Crockett is wonderful and was all ‘dude, tofu? Awesome! You can have my sea bass, ok?’

So I had some delicious crispy sea bass.

Crockett got some too, though.

Did I mention you get a lot of food at a hibachi place?