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survival of the fittest

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Crockett titled this post.

Just saying.

Apparently my creativity was all fueled by sugar.

After my healthy and delicious breakfast, I took my ladies for a walk. It’s our last 70 degree day here, theoretically, and we figured we might as well enjoy it.

Results? The girls enjoyed themselves. I didn’t stop sneezing and throwing out the occasional cough. Cold? Allergies? Only the Shadow knows for sure.

This is my favorite fence. What is it protecting? From who? It’s not clear. The whole thing is less than 20 feet long. Most amusingly, it was built recently – it’s not like it USED to serve some purpose and no longer does. It went up less than two years ago.

I considered eating these, as they probably have sugar in them. I passed, because of the whole red/poison thing.

I really do think I’m getting a cold, which sucks. When I feel like I’m getting sick, I tend to put on clothes that are as close to pj’s as possibly while still being mildly acceptable for leaving the house. Today – complete success. The part you can’t see is capri length sweatpants and little black Crocs.

Shut up, they’re cute.

For lunch, I made what seemed like a truly massive amount of food.

Left: an entire yellow summer squash and a third of a cauliflower, roasted with olive oil and salt. Right: a spinach salad with half a breast of chicken, as much spinach as I can handle, almonds, and a mustard vinaigrette.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I must admit that I hate spinach.

CLEARLY I rock at this whole ‘diet’ thing.

Anyway, vegetables are full of water and fiber, right? Aren’t they supposed to fill you up? Isn’t that the whole point?

I went to the gym after class and was starving after a mile on the treadmill. It was a crappy mile, too – further proof that I’m getting a cold. I did some strength training and then spent an hour and a half in the quad working on my NSF grant application.

Oh 70 degrees, I will miss you.

Tonight I played homebody. Crockett has an old friend in town, but she’s been busy – he saw her for a drink but I haven’t met her. We had discussed dinner, so I had no solid plans regarding what to cook. She couldn’t make it tonight after all, so I pulled together some mushrooms stuffed with white bean puree and some golden-crusted brussels sprouts.

I would give you the recipe for the mushrooms, but since they were possibly one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had, I’m not going to.

They didn’t even photograph well. It was all very sad.

However. No chocolate. No wine. No bread, even. Today can be said to be the first successful south beach day. I want chocolate so badly I’m about to knaw Crockett’s arm off, but that’s to be expected, right?