I’m Emma.

I live outside of Boulder, Colorado.

I walk with my dogs and run with myself. I’m currently training for the Boulder Spring Half Marathon.

I eat by myself, with  my mom, who lives less than half a mile away, and my man Crockett. Our town is very much a small town, and we have three or four good restaurants that we frequent.

For two years I was a professional pastry chef. I followed that with a miserable stint in local corporations as a product manager, and I am now a computer science grad student at the Colorado School of Mines.

All pictures through Jan 17th, 2011 (my 30th birthday) were taken with an iPhone (3gs then 4). All pictures are now taken with a Canon PowerShot SX210 IS (thanks, darling Crockett). Any failure of awesomeness in the photos can be blamed on me, not the camera.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can visit me at emma-nation.com.

Oh yes. I am angel.

You can tell by the wings.