well now it’s Judy’s turn to cry

Who is Judy, you might ask?

I was going to title this post ‘it’s my party, I can cry if I want to’, but really, who wants to cry? Nobody, that’s who. Judy’s Turn to Cry was the follow up to It’s My Party, where the heroine triumphs over that damn Judy.

Just like I will triumph over this damn house.

With the help of instant espresso, since my coffee maker already made the journey to Crockett’s place.

And cake. Gigantic craggy walls of cake.

Yes, I had coffee and cake for lunch. You wanna make something of it?

Oh, right, I also had Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds from our trip to Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe. The Colorado state liquor rule maker folks really need to get their acts together so we can get a TJs here.

I’m going to miss a lot of the decorating I’d figured out at my house. Like my constantly available espresso cups.

My (previously attractive) stacks of home design and food magazines.

Empty shelves everywhere. Depressing, but also very modern. I could totally live in an empty room.

I just keep reminding myself that my best friends are with me and that I get to be with my favorite person ever like every day now.

Totally worth it.


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