adventures in being 30

While I was standing in the kitchen, playing with the aperture and f-stop and all the other things that my middle school photography teacher would be disappointed to know I’ve apparently mostly forgotten about, I heard a bark at the door.

The front door.

The door that is not reachable from the backyard, where my Cloey was.

Except, of course, when the temporary fencing that we put up falls down. Which it does all the time.

This is the face of a dog that just got out of the bathtub.

And this dog just got out of the bathtub because while she was on her adventure, she found…. something. I’m going to guess that it was something dead, based solely on the smell.

Don’t worry, Crockett – she didn’t touch anything between outside and the bathtub except the tips of my fingers.

This is the face of a clean and shiny dog that is completely and totally ignoring me. Fortunately she has a small brain, and will soon forget the injustices delivered on her this sad sad day.

How dare I take away the scent she worked so hard for.

Cantaloupe. Because, well, it’s orange and delicious and also our food situation is sort of spotty at the moment and this was what I had to take a picture of. Also, because I’m eating it.

Sure it LOOKS like we have a lot to eat, but it’s a mirage. This was the cameras auto version…

This was when I asked used the ‘sense the white balance’ setting – probably more useful at night…

And a manual combination of the two.

In other news, I solemnly swear not to make you look at three versions of every picture… I just wanted to show you the white balance magic. Because food + bad white balance = unappetizing.

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One Response to adventures in being 30

  1. BD says:

    When I started reading this I said to myself, “Self, those pics look pretty darn good”. It’s really obvious.

    So, 3 CHEERS!

    Birthday girl….. (Yay!)
    moves in with Crockett……(Whoopee!!)
    and gets a new camera!……….. (Hooray!!!)
    (And a clean dog).