you say it’s your birthday

Oh wait, no you don’t.

I say it’s my birthday.

Because it is.

The big 30.

Guess what?

Crockett got me a camera!

A camera for blogging!

(I usually abstain from exclamation points but this totally deserves several.)

I have other really exciting news. Crockett and I are moving in together. That’s part of the reason you haven’t seen much of me lately – I’ve been packing. See also, birthday celebrations. However, this camera and I? We’re going places.

Off center boyfriend kissing places.

Beautiful bracelet (that I simply adore despite the fact that it was temporarily overshadowed by the ZOMGNEWCAMERA moment that followed) places.

Puppy butt places.

Puppy themed sock places.

In case you can’t tell, all of these pictures were taken without me moving from my present opening position on the couch. This one used optical zoom. OPTICAL ZOOM, people. I HAVE OPTICAL ZOOM.

Still life with briefcase and gnomes places.

And how could we forget, the ‘I’m already kind of tired of you taking pictures of me with your new camera’ places. It’s not my fault he’s so handsome. Really, it’s his fault. He should apologize to me.

Anyway. I have packing to do, and homework to do… but it’s my birthday, so I’m going to start with more camera playing. Just for a few minutes.

You support me in that, right?


2 Responses to you say it’s your birthday

  1. Awlbiste says:

    Happy birthday! Also hooray at living together! Are you getting a whole new place or are you moving to his place? The people must know.

    I’ve been wondering where you went off to.

    • emma says:

      Thank you! Yes, hooray. His place – a whole new place would be nice, but we’re stressed enough right now that one packing up house wil do thankyouverymuch :).