it’s important to eat

It turns out that when I feel overtaxed in my head, my desire to branch out in my belly is the first thing to go. For the last two weeks of the semester, breakfast was a  smoothie…


or eggs, Crockett style.

I also put the slow cooker into heavy rotation, and made some baked beans and some pulled pork. I bought a bag of pre-shredded cabbage – I swear it’s cheaper – and made coleslaw as needed.

There’s a bbq place here in Boulder county called KT’s. They have a menu item called the June Bowl, which is three of their menu items layered in a styrofoam container and covered in bbq sauce. I always get the beans, pork, and coleslaw. This was my homemade approximation. The bbq sauce I buy at the store is definitely different – I want it to be more vinegary and less sweet. I should probably just learn how to make my own. Recipe recommendations?

Anyway, this was lunch days 4-10, probably.

Crockett got me out of the house for a calamari salad once, and did his best to make me laugh.

The squid on the ketchup did it.

As did the beer stash.

Isn’t he the best?

Anyway, I didn’t waste away to nothing, so clearly food was had. However, I’m so ready to get back to new things – healthy and tasty and exciting things.

And more calamari salad, of course.

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