livin’ on a prayer

School mode is boring compared to not-school mode.



Buffalo Chik’n Salad. (Morningstar Farm Chik’n Patty, light Bleu Cheese dressing, Frank’s Buffalo Wing sauce, mushrooms, celery, carrots, and greens galore).


A cracker with goat cheese and cranberry chutney.


This is where I started to break down.

Fortunately this is when I looked to the right.

I put the book on the floor. I left Cloey guarding the homework couch.

I made a teeny tiny gin and diet tonic.

G&T would most definitely be my drink – IF bars carried diet tonic.


Turns out a gin and tonic, even a small one, isn’t conducive to homework.

It is, however, conducive to snuggling your dog while taking self portraits.

Dinner break. Leftover sweet potato pudding patted into cakes and fried up, served with chutney (yeah, I’m putting it on everything. You would be too. Go make it now), leftover quinoa, and leftover turkey.

I was going to follow homework with dinner … buuuuttttt….

Crockett FaceTime guitared me. A girl can’t say no to that. It’s physically impossible.

I celebrated that lovely interlude by hanging the stockings that I’d tripped over in the garage earlier that day.




Again. School me is boring.

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