tutti fruiti

Crockett went skiing for the second day in a row (and the second time this season) yesterday, and I didn’t get up until 9:30.


I never sleep that late, especially not when I’m alone.  Fortunately I’d put my 1/4 cup stone ground oats in 1/2 cup of water and stuck them in the fridge before going to bed, so I was a lot closer to breakfast than I would otherwise have been. I added 1/2 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of pumpkin when cooking it up and it came out delicious and creamy. If only I had the presence of mind to soak my oats every night.

Ha. Soak my oats.

It was still missing something though. Something tangy…

Cranberry sauce. (Not to be confused with my cranberry chutney. Chutney on oatmeal would be a taste sensation, certainly, although probably not a good one.)

After breakfast I started folding clothes, and my goofy girls started hiding their toys in said clothes. After finding the footless (not to be confused with footloose) squirrel for the fourth time, I gave up and took them for a walk.

Cloey found herself a gigantic stick and followed me around with it, whacking me in the legs and not even apologizing.

When Crockett got home from skiing, we had date night.

Whhhooo hoooo date night!

We found Tutti with this little method we like to call wandering-down-the-street. It’s in a neighboring town, Lafayette, and has apparently been around for a little less than a year.

The first thing we noticed was that the furniture is all patio furniture, and there’s a lot of it in a very small room.

The second thing we noticed was the nifty sizing. Each menu item comes in three sizes – wine in 3 oz glasses, 6 oz glasses, and bottles, and beer in 8 oz, pint, and 22 oz glasses. The food comes in saucer/cup, plate/bowl, and platter. They describe it as ‘tasting’, ‘dinner’, and ‘to share’.

We ordered two tasting plates, a dinner plate, a pint of Deschutes Mirror Pond (Crockett), and a 3 oz glass of Elsa Bianchi Chardonnay (so-so).

Through the meal, I had two more little glasses of wine – Crusher Viognier (two thumbs up) and Morse Code Shiraz (good but poorly chosen with my food). I wish every restaurant in the world served half glasses. I got to try three kinds of wine and only drink (and pay for… ok, Crockett paid) a glass and half.

I chose the tasting sizes. First, I ordered carrot and parsnip ‘pasta’ with seared tofu in a lemongrass and ginger broth. It was good (and vegan), but the broth being made with soymilk added sort of a strange sweetness. I would have preferred it to be not creamy at all or to be made with actual milk. The carrot pasta was fun though, and there was a lot of ?spinach? making me feel all healthy and stuff.

My second tasting plate was baked puttanesca. Awesome.

Plus? I got to tell Crockett than puttanesca is named for whores. Spicy, spicy whores.

Crockett ordered a plate of scallops with butternut squash risotto.

I have no idea where the squash was, but man alive did it not matter in the least. I could have lived without the scallops. Hell, I could have lived without everything else on the table, if I’d just had more of this risotto. Because. Yum.

Overall, Tutti was fun. If we lived down the street I could see going there quite a bit – since it’s a 15 minute drive and we have Boulder in that radius as well, I don’t know how soon we’ll go back.

Then? My Christmas tree went up in record time.

Ok, fine. It’s fake, and I leave the decorations on all year round. All I have to do is bring it in from the garage and plug it in.


I am.

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