in preparation

The day before Thanksgiving is a happy happy day. A day filled with pie crusts and cereal.

With challah cubed for stuffing.

With sweetened flaked coconut rinsed and dried to become unsweetened flaked coconut.

With gingered cranberry fig chutney, bottled for the fridge.

Once all those preparations were out of the way, the girls and I went outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Which was gone. Allllll gone.

I don’t know what these are, do you? Are they edible? You’re not supposed to eat red berries, as far as I know. And even if I did know what they were I probably wouldn’t eat them. Still, I’m curious.

Then Crockett remembered something very important that I’d forgotten.

Wine Wednesday at The Empire. I always forget to write down the wine, but I happen to remember this one – Parducci Sustainable Red. I’ve had the white before and I like that they’re growing sustainably, although I don’t know that regular grape farmers are following a slash and burn approach.

I enjoyed my wine with a happy hour sized calamari salad. Because, really, why the hell wouldn’t you?

Crockett had himself some pulled pork sliders. These things are delicious. Were I the kind of person that could eat two meals, I would have had me some of these too.

Properly fortified, we headed back to Crockett’s to continue the Thanksgiving preparations. Two things – 1) I know it looks like my hair is touching the turkey; it isn’t. 2) Touching a turkey makes me laugh. Like, a lot.

Doubled bagged, soaking in brine.

This Thanksgiving was the second that I’ve hosted, but it was Crockett’s first. To celebrate that, he embraced another first – his first pumpkin pie. I brought over the crusts I made in the morning and then stood back and took pictures (while he wasn’t looking).

He was amusingly shocked by how much sugar went into the pies. “Do you always use that much sugar?” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that a batch of chocolate chip cookies uses twice as much.

He thought that the pumpkin and evaporated milk looked like a latte. He’s not wrong.

This is serious business.

And look! Smooth, perfect, speckled brown gorgeousness. He’s got a knack, I think.

The important part of Thanksgiving covered, we went to bed.

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