rain on your parade indeed

After lunch yesterday I packed up my school stuff and the girls and I headed over to Crockett’s, because an occasional change of scenery does the mind good.

He has a lovely little office, but there’s no room for two, so I took over the entire front half of the living room. (I have a lot of stuff.)

It turned into a truly non-Colorado like afternoon. It felt more like Portland (where my little brother lives). If I lived in a grey place I would probably get tired of it, but here were we have our 300+ days of sunshine a year some grey can be calming. It rained on and off for hours, which was fine because I was all FOCUSED.

Over the course of the afternoon I progressed from coffee, to diet Pepsi, to water, to wine. See? FOCUSED.

It takes a lot of focus to do homework through four different beverages.

Ok fine, those two things are not related. But they felt related when I took this picture.

Crockett walked into the kitchen and said ‘should I do that thing you always do? You know, where you just look through your kitchen and decide what to make?’ Apparently I invented that, so next time you do it, drop a check in the mail all right?

No, really. I know where you live.

Ok, that’s not true. I have no idea. Continue winging dinner whenever you feel like it.

Crockett’s what-I-have-laying-around proved to be a tasty baja marinade (baja the flavor? the city? I have no idea, it just said ‘baja’ on the bottle’), chicken, and rice. He put the rice on and got to working his chicken magic, and I rummage through his fridge to find something to pop it up with.

Solution: sweetened flaked coconut and walnuts. I rinsed the sugar off the coconut and threw it in with the rice as it cooked, and toasted and chopped the walnuts.

Verdict? Delicious! Except the rice was a little dry – when I added the coconut I should have added more water.

Easy and tasty solution. Crockett didn’t believe me that it would work with the coconut and nuts, but clearly I have a more sophisticated palette than he does.

Maida knew it was delicious, so she camped out under the coffee table hoping for a spare grain.


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