mad world

Should I just rename the blog ‘daily pictures of smoothies’?

It’s been a huge day so far.

First, something very exciting happened by the fence. I don’t know what it was, but it turned Maida into White Lightening.

Then we tried to take advantage of the 50 degree weather by going for a walk, and we almost blew away. We settled for laying in the sunshine instead.

I also cleaned the kitchen and did some handywoman stuff around the house (including taking the mattress and boxspring off my bed and tightening all the springs on my wrought iron frame – that thing is a menace and is going to drop me one of these nights).

I left the girls for a long overdue lunchdate. A girlfriend of mine and I fell out of touch several months ago, and we finally got it together today to go to the Waterloo for Taco Tuesday.

When I got there she’d already ordered chips. Working for a living makes you hungry, it seems – I recommend academia for those who are trying to cut back. A combination of a nervous stomach and no money will do it every time.

Not that either of those two things stopped me from destroying a pulled pork sandwich with housemade pickles and pickled onions, coleslaw, and sweet potato fries.

She took her cheery red jacketed self back to work, and I walked a couple of blocks to see the other folks who wandered into Louisville for lunch…

Crockett and his sister in law. Not pictured: niece and nephew with their own child sized cheese pizzas. (I would have tried harder to take a non-full mouth picture, but …. I guess I didn’t realize exactly how full his mouth was. Cute, ain’t he.)

How’s Tuesday going so far for y’all?

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One Response to mad world

  1. BD says:

    Cold, Hot, Windy, Wet. Repeat. Cold, hot, windy, wet. Repeat. Interesting day, huh?