the lost weekend

Sadly, this story is not going where you think it’s going.

Friday morning I had a very important date.

This lovely lady is my co-blogger on The Road More Travelled. We’ve been friends since we were 12(ish) and she is that friend that I know I will have when I’m old and grey and bitching about the crappy food at the old folks home.  She had me to her house, which had been very seasonally decorated by her little ones.

She fed me a very South Beach friendly meal, because her husband has been doing something very similar for literally years now. She’s used to it.

Lady Grey tea. Apparently this isn’t all that popular, but I adore it. If you haven’t had it, close your eyes and let your memory of Earl Grey tickle your tastebuds. Now add a little orange and a little lemon and subtract a little tannin. Oh with the yum. I never keep it in my house because only Twinings makes it commercially and my local stores don’t stock it, and our local tea house is like 11 whole miles away so clearly I can’t get there very often (even thought they make their own blend and it’s damn tasty). Thank goodness Laura is around to compensate for these failings of mine.

This is what happens when you stick an iPhone in a hot steamy oven.

In case you were wondering.

That lovely souffle looking thing is a crustless quiche that she made with ham, packaged cholesterol free eggs, and some delicious cheese. (It flattened out when we removed it from the oven, it wasn’t truly six inches thick.)

Fruit salad. Technically fruit isn’t in my phase 1 list of allowed foods, but honestly, like I’ve been following those rules. I ate it up. (Don’t worry, I checked out the real South Beach book today and I’m going to follow the real rules, not the half-assed-learned-them-on-the-internets rules.)

Are you jealous right now? I’m jealous and I got to eat it.

She’s the best. Plus?

She totally gave me the Las Vegas cup. That’s just how she rolls.

I did go to school on Friday, but I have no photographic proof because I didn’t eat while I was there. (You can consider that foreshadowing, if you’re the kind of person who likes to consider foreshadowing instead of just internalizing it and moving on.)

I did, however, send Crockett this series of IM messages before leaving campus:

Hey how’re you feeling?
The cold that’s been hovering over me has hit
Nose throat head

Cold or no cold, we had big plans.

That dude in the red shirt?

It was his birthday happy hour. We went to see him, have fun, be crazy, etc etc. We toured around Louisville, crashing more than one corporate happy hour, and ended up out with pizza. Pictures were not so successful, due to bar lighting. Oh, except?

This one. This one came out great. If I weren’t already with this guy, I’d be tracking down his phone number and dating status right now.

Saturday, the cold had hit with the vengeance that only November colds can have. (That’s what I was foreshadowing earlier, so you can stop holding your breath now.)

I don’t know what I ate all weekend. Yesterday I managed to get out of bed and stagger to my office to do some homework, but the only evidence I have of food is this.

Yogurt with almonds and honey. I seem to remember there being cereal, as well.

It was all very exciting.

How was your weekend?

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