Oh, yesterday. Ok, there’s this phenomenon wherein you’re not particularly busy on the outside, but your brain is all ‘zoom zoom zoom’, and it wears you out. And by you I mean me, because I don’t know if anyone else experiences this. (Do you?) Yesterday was one of those days.

Hurro smoothie. Don’t you look delicious, and not at all like baby vomit.

This smoothie did a MUCH better job of filling me up than my Tuesday version. I have no idea why, but I made it at 8, had my 12 o’clock class and my 1 o’clock meeting, and still wasn’t hungry. The only difference was that I added yogurt. Oh, and ground flax and some pumkpin pie spices. I wonder if it was the flax?

I did eat several handfuls that look like this while on campus. Because, cashews? Basically the nuts that god would eat, were god a nut eater.


Just reminding you that you’re in the presence of genius. (I hope my project partners aren’t reading this. Guys, if you are, your genius contributed too. Obviously. If you’re not reading this… wait, then who am I talking to?)

Doesn’t it seem like 100% is more than a ‘good job’?

My prof for my 3 PM class got sick, so I came home early and ate some mushrooms and half a chicken breast. Straight out of the fridge with a fork. This south beach thing is making me into a strange eater, y’all.

On the way out of school, I saw this.

I don’t know if this is a band or what, but I love it.

Not that my bumper stickers aren’t cool too.

Then? Can I get a wine wednesday please? All together now. (It was Crockett’s idea, otherwise I would have forgotten. This is why I love him.)

Yes, I am wearing full on ragamuffin gloves. Yes, I do think they look fantastic.

We camped out at the bar, as per usual. Bread, butter, and bourbon (all for Crockett – not on my diet. Sad.) Cell phone providing updates on the Sabres game.

I have a usual, at The Empire. Calamari salad. Last night, though, we branched out.

I know, I was surprised too.

We split two specials. This was a brussels sprouts salad. It had sliced raw brussels sprouts, frisee (my hands down favorite green), shaved pecorino, and walnuts. It was dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt and pepper.

Crockett hates brussels sprouts, but he ate (ahem more than ahem) half of this without complaint. I dug it, but I think I prefer my sprouts lightly cooked.

Seafood stew. Mussels, squid, mahi mahi, scallops…

…octopus, and chickpeas.

Chickpeas. I don’t know why they were in there, but it totally worked.

I was thisclose to licking the bowl

That wine book is there because I’m trying to talk Crockett into going to wine country with me during Christmas break.

We could basically live here.

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