bringing avoidance to a new art

I have three programs to write today. In Java.

I hate Java. It’s a stupid language.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I may or may not be practicing heavy avoidance.

Since I remembered to pick up silken tofu at the store yesterday, I had an option for breakfast that didn’t involve zucchini cakes. Pumpkin smoothie: silken tofu, milk, canned pumpkin, almonds, vanilla, and Splenda. (I think the pumpkin may be against the South Beach rules, but because I don’t want to know, I’m not going to check. Done and done.)

Crockett thinks it looks like something he had to clean off his niece the other day.

Wait, now you’re thinking that too, aren’t you. Shoot. That wasn’t the point.

Oh well.

After I ate, we watched this music video that this DJ made by composing the music on her iPad and shooting video with her iPhone. It’s charming – she gets a boyfriend by ordering a man in the mail who has an interchangable iPad face.

Wow, it sounds less charming when you type it out that way.

Crockett and I decided that doing homework would be ridiculous when we had a handy iPad available!


How about now?

You MUST be scared now. If you’re not, you have no soul.

Then I stuck beer stickers all over my new Cisco waterbottle.

At this point, I got nothing.

I guess I have to do homework.

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