the day of silly news and lots of showing off

Thursday (still writing two days behind, yes) contained many many things.

An exam. My first academic conference. My first academic poster presentation. A dance party.

The results from my physical. Healthy as a horse. Oh, except?


I’m struggling with this a little. It runs in my family, and my grandma lived to 84 despite her truly staggering cholesterol numbers. However, heart disease is a serious problem for women. Like, kills more of us than all cancers combined serious. All this despite the fact that it hasn’t been made all pink in the media – who knew?

My doctor requested that I try some diet modifications before we talk about medication (which is good, because my feelings towards medication are… not great). Specifically, she wants me to try the South Beach Diet for four months. If you don’t know (I didn’t), that diet was developed by a cardiologist to solve specifically this problem. When it was later found to help you drop pounds, it was marketed for weight loss, but that wasn’t the original intention.

So, expect to see more South Beach type food. There’s a pretty strict induction period that I’ll start in the next couple of days, when I’ve gone through some of the food I have at home.

Anyway. Thursday!

Still fall.

Hell, the grass in places makes it look like it’s still summer. Despite the, you know, early November date on the calendar.

I’m sure I ate breakfast. Absolutely positive. I don’t know what it was, because I didn’t take a picture of it, apparently. Does that mean that Mangled Baby Duck is causing me to have early alzheimers? Is that even possible? I did, however, eat lunch. Pumpkin soup + apple scone = repetitive but tasty.

I hit the print shop on campus to pick up my gigantic poster – my gigantic poster that has very fall appropriate colors, I might add.

Then? I studied for my Algorithm Design exam.

Dudes. Don’t judge the face. It’s a hard class.

I added to the mess that is my office desk. Also pictured? My office mate’s desk.

I survived the exam. I considered taking a picture of it, but since I was being allowed to take it early because of the conference I thought that my professor might find my photographing it suspicious. “I’m a blogger” does not, in fact, get you out of as many scrapes as you might think.


Conference time!

Lady schwag. I would have preferred regular schwag, but apparently the ‘pink and sparkly’ mindset has pervaded even Google. Sigh.

After the poster session (at which I kicked some serious ass, thank you for asking), they fed us. Actually, I was late to dinner because I had to be reviewed by extra judges because I was a finalist in the poster contest! Because, basically, I rock. And am really modest, also.

The salad was damn tasty. Sun dried tomatoes, which I’m finally overcoming my recent distaste for, shaved parm, and a creamy herb dressing. Oh, and VERY toasty pine nuts. They were perfect for me, but I think toasted nuts should be just this side of burnt.

In case you’re wondering, was this good for my heart? No. No it wasn’t. Know what was probably worse?

Cheesy tortellini in some sort of creamy sauce. (That’s as close as I can get. It was red and creamy. Some sort of tomato cream sauce, except thick like pesto. Odd, but good.) Broccoli rabe and more sun dried tomatoes, check. Olives, check.

I’m curious as to whether they would have made the main course vegetarian if this had been the Colorado Celebration of Men in Computing.

Not that such a conference would ever be allowed to exist.

Dinner was followed by a speech on … very scary cyber security stuff. The keynote speaker, Dr. Pamela Drew, left us with an admonition to be careful how much of our lives we put on the internet.

I quite literally laughed out loud. It was sort of embarrassing.

Afterwards? Breakout sessions in which someone stole my candy (seriously), and dancing. I may or may not have attempted the caterpillar. There is no photographic evidence, either way.

Do you know any breakdancing moves?

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  1. BD says:

    The poster in the pic? Was that yours? Your design etc etc? Looks good, although I can’t quite read it.