big days, y’all. big days.

Yes, it’s Friday night, and I’m talking about Wednesday. The last couple of days have been a thrilling gigantic pain in the ass. (Betcha didn’t know such a thing was possible.)

The Kitch’n had this post recently on hot breakfasts, and they mentioned Cream of Wheat. I ate a lot of cream of wheat when I was younger, but my tastes have matured.

Now I eat Malt O’ Meal.

This version had pumpkin butter stirred in and some homemade cranberry sauce (add sugar and orange juice to cranberries – cook – taste – add more sugar and a pinch of salt – taste – add more sugar (or not) – cook)).

After lunch I took the chicas for a nice walk and then got down to studying, as I had an exam yesterday. On Wednesday, yesterday was tomorrow. Got that?

Something was going on outside that fascinated Cloey. I think it may have been the garbage truck.

Silly dog.

This, darlings, is what became of the onions from Tuesday. I left them in the slow cooker alone for several hours, and then added a can of pumpkin, two cups of vegetable stock, a can of navy beans, a can of white kidney beans, a bay leaf, two sage leaves, and some chili powder. Another 4 hours in the slow cooker and I blended it all up and stuck it in the fridge. The original concept was vegetarian pumpkin chili, but it ended up being more of a thick bean soup. Either way, tasty, and a perfect compliment to my apple cheddar scones.

I wore my favorite earrings.

No, that has nothing to do with anything. They’re just my favorite.

At school I had a couple of bad meetings, but I did get a 40 minute run in. I figure if you add that to the thirty minute run I did on Tuesday, I only ended up being ten minutes short of my 80 minute goal. (Wednesday was supposed to be a rest day. Also, I am aware that the 80 minutes is to get you used to running for that long. But whatever.)

After school I stole Crockett away from work and made him go out with me to my favorite restaurant for my favorite food in the whole world.

Oh, you’d like to know what you’re looking at? Why, Calamari Salad from The Empire, of course.

We ate at the bar (our MO), and chatted with our favorite local opera singer.

No, really. He’s an opera singer. He sang for Crockett on his birthday and in a few weeks he’s moving to San Diego to be a part of the opera company there.

I mostly just wanted to get this in there so that when he’s all famous I can point to this for proof.

Then? Homework.

With the occasional break to use permanent marker to write my name on Crockett. (This is his foot.) What? He’s mine now. That’s what permanent markers are for.

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