h-HA-ppy HALLOWEEN Part 1

Look at these two beautiful black cats that were waiting for the girls and I when we went to take our walk on Friday morning. I have an excellent prop department, don’t I?

Two days before Halloween and some of the plants are finally starting to give up the ghost, but some are holding on strong. This time last year we’d had at least a couple big days of snow. I have no idea what the hell is going on this year – summer just doesn’t want to let go.

I was so stressed Friday morning, and my darling friend Laura insisted that I drag my butt out of the house and come have brunch with her and her younger daughter. I got all cranky about it – ‘I’m so busy, whaaaa’, but she refused to take no for an answer. That’s how you know you have excellent friends – they’re the ones who don’t let you be yourself if they self that you’re being is crappy.

We arranged a rendezvous at The Huckleberry.

The Huckleberry is this great brunch restaurant in downtown Louisville. (They have dinner too, but I’ve never gone and therefore can’t attest to it’s tastiness.) I was just in time for the annual elementary school parade. Every kid dresses up and they march through old town, chasing each other and waving to their parents. Also, I saw Waldo – turns out? Not that hard to find.

We got my favorite table – the pig picture table. Who doesn’t want to eat with a painting of a happy little pig wallowing around in … mud? soup? … over their heads? (I’m being totally serious. I love this painting.)

This is me, thinking I’m going to have a light yet filling bowl of crunchy granola and tasty yogurt. (You can consider the word ‘thinking’ in that last sentence to be foreshadowing, if you so chose.)

This is Laura, carefully weighing her options.


Is the coffee and chai that was helping us with our decision making process.

Laura ended up with bacon and whipped cream, and had some help getting through the bacon.

Ok, fine, there were mixed berry crepes under there too. Probably.

Doesn’t my tasty granola look a lot like vegetarian eggs benedict? Weird, right?

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