Have you seen this whole ‘shrub’ thing, lately?

Maybe I read too many food and drink blogs, but I swear to god shrubs have been stalking me. Since one was bound to catch me eventually, I caved.


Basically, a shrub is a liquid made of fruit juice, sugar, and an acid. That liquid is then mixed into cocktails or sparkling water, as above. My stalker shrubs have all been vinegar based, so that’s what I used.

There are a lot of ways to make your shrub. You can cook fruit and sugar together to make a syrup in various ways, OR you can do what I did and make it cold. (Have I mentioned that it’s SUPER HOT HERE JUST LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE?)


Basically, I took one cup of my precious frozen sweet cherries (I could have used fresh cherries but that would have involved a second trip to the store after the first, regular one, I took yesterday), and mixed them with one cup of sugar. I could also have chopped them up first, but I didn’t. I used one of my Twist N Sparkle bottles since I’m trying to ween myself off them. You know, because of the exploding.

After a few hours, the cherries had defrosted and were starting to mix with the sugar to make a thick syrup. After twelve hours, the bottle was full of grainy red slush and cherries.

I drained the liquid off and mixed it with one cup of vinegar. (I used half white and half apple cider). It’s as easy as that.


That’s the shrub (shrub syrup?) on the left, and a mixture of about a tablespoon of syrup and a cup or so of sparkling water on the left.

I get why people have been drinking these for a super long time, y’all. It’s weird, because you can absolutely tell that you’re drinking vinegar, but you don’t really care. The fruit taste really comes through, too.

Next step, cocktails!


Cocktails are far more romantic than drinking it with breakfast, like I did this morning. And I like romance in my drinks. And alcohol. Romance and alcohol.

If you want to try yourself, here are a couple of good resources. Let me know how it goes!

Serious Eats
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