what better time

It’s a snow day.

It’s Christmas cookie day.

And it’s I-miss-you-guys day.

I know you probably thought I was off hanging out with James Franco at Yale. Or that’s where I was pretending I was, to avoid a nervous breakdown. One of those two things is true.

One semester of grad school to go.

IMG 2787

I did say snow day, right?

IMG 2788

This is the tunnel for the puppies, taken from floor level. After I let the girls out this morning, I told Crockett that the snow was more than a puppy deep, and he laughed, so I said ‘how would you like it if you were in snow over your head?’ And then he told me that that’s a serious fear he faces while snowboarding.

Then I felt bad.

I knew it was cookie day, and we got up pretty late, so our breakfast was both lunchy and not particularly sugary.

IMG 2785

I made tuna fish salad with celery and dried fruit while Crockett shoveled the front walk.

IMG 2780

Tuna is Cloey’s favorite food.

(Don’t worry – I rinsed the lid so she wouldn’t lick it, and that’s where the sharp edges were. Her tongue and gums are intact.)

IMG 2781

Maida’s technique was a little … different.


IMG 2783

This is the face Crockett made when he came in and saw the girls eating tuna out of cans on the floor.

Then? Cookies!!

IMG 2789

And Community.

Did anyone else hear that there was a flash mob in New York today to stop it from being cancelled? I totally would have gone to that.

I have no great reason for making so many cookies. I’m taking dessert to two events – and while I am the official dessert bringer to both, I suspect that others will be all ‘oh well I just brought along some cookies’ too. Six kinds of cookies is too many cookies.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s a cookie world, and we’re just living in it.

IMG 2790

Almond cookies. These are basically just egg whites, sugar and almond paste.

I bought almond paste from Amazon.

I have enough almond paste for everyone.

IMG 2792

Dorie Greenspan’s Salt and Pepper Cocoa Shortbread.

People, these were neither salty nor peppery. I made some orange ganache and turned them into sandwich cookies.

Also, the dating on these cookies is sporadic because apparently when I don’t have to go to school I have no idea what day it is. I genuinely believed tomorrow was Christmas Eve until yesterday.

IMG 2791

Gluten free vanilla bean shortbread. Crockett’s sister in law has a gluten allergy, so I thought I’d bring these to her house on Christmas.

Because even though I’m not in charge of dessert, I thought hey, I’ll just bring some cookies.

I’m one of those.

IMG 2793

A very small batch of coconut macaroons, some with chocolate and some without. These were an afterthought because I ended up with more whites than yolks at the end of the day, and I already had almond cookies.

And also because we used to make these at the bakery I worked at and they were my favorite. I always forgot they were my favorite, but they always were – you know what I mean?

IMG 2794

Eggnog sandwich cookies. They were supposed to be Brandied Eggnog Sandwich cookies, but who the hell has brandy? I have weird drinks – I do. I have sherry. And port. And also Frangelico although I’ve had it for literally a decade which WOW why do I still have it? But I don’t have brandy. Or rum, because, you know – a week of seasickness in the Virgin Islands can create some bad rum associations.

IMG 2795

And my absolute favorite – lemon fennel pretzels, from the book The Good Cookie.

These are the weirdest cookies.

I love them.

And I love you.

Merry Christmas Eve eve eve!

(So totally a thing.)




2 Responses to what better time

  1. Awlbiste says:

    Emma! I’m glad you’re not dead. Not that I thought you were dead, just, y’know.

    Can I have some cookies?