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I’ve started watching Weeds again from the beginning.

I have very strict requirements for the television that I play while I do homework. It needs to be something I’ve seen before or something I don’t particularly care about, and there needs to be a lot of it. Several seasons, minimum. When you have 10 hour homework streaks, you can go through a lot of tv.

Don’t judge me. I tried listening to music, but I like tv. I like it when people are talking.


After my post Sunday, I went to the gym for a medium long run. When I got home, I was STARVING.

IMG 2657

Crockett was starving too, so I made an early dinner of soba noodles, frozen chinese vegetables, frozen white fish (of some kind that I don’t remember – pescole? is that a thing?), coconut milk, and lemon grass. We were slurping 15 minutes after I started cooking, which was pretty much the only requirement, but it was surprisingly tasty.

And then I had another terrible day at school.

IMG 2659

I made myself feel better with the comforting remains of the cauliflower and cheese.

IMG 2661

She’s just watching it for me, to make sure nothing happens to it – she swears.

We went to Lucky Pie for dinner (for the $15 pizza and pitcher deal), but I forgot my camera.

What I didn’t forget was froyo.

IMG 2662

The don’t have a pumpkin pie flavor, which I’ve heard some places do. They did have caramel apple. I made this dish for me and Crockett.

IMG 2663

It was one quarter plain yogurt, one quarter caramel apple yogurt, one quarter coconut yogurt, and one quarter chocolate yogurt. It was topped with, respectively, chocolate chip cookie dough, nothing, flaked coconut and almonds, and chocolate sprinkles. And then there was some Captain Crunch on top of everything, at Crockett’s request.

I love build your own froyo.

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