It’s not actually that cold – but I’m cold from the inside out. You know that feeling?

rainy day

All day yesterday it rained (except for the few minutes that it was not raining, when it was just cold and wet – not that much better).

You’d think that the amount of rain we get here in CO would mean that I’d welcome it when it came, for the novelty if for no other reason. Theoretically, that’s true. I mean, I love the idea of rain.

In practice, not so much.

IMG 2564

Yes, that is a cup of coffee in front of a mug of tea.

See? Rain makes me cold on the inside, and it’s much harder to overcome that than being cold on the outside.

warm grape nuts

With my coffee and tea, I had Grape Nuts in warm milk.

I love Grape Nuts in warm milk. They stay a little crunchy but soak up a TON of milk. It’s wonderful.

If I hadn’t already had dinner and dessert, I would get some now.

mushroom soup

I know, I said I’d tell you about the mushroom and white bean soup.

Honestly, it’s not that interesting.

It makes ok leftovers.

For dinner we went to Crockett’s brother’s house, and had all sorts of deliciousness. Cheese plate and brussels sprouts salad (from me), zucchini bisque, roast chicken with carrots, fresh bread, sauteed kale, and stuffed mushrooms. The third couple who came are vegetarians, and the veggie choices trumped the chicken for almost everyone at the table. Most of the veggies came from Crockett’s brother’s wife’s (jeez) garden, which is pretty badass, and everything was delicious.

Except the kale.

But a) in my role as kitchen helper, I cooked it, and b) kale is disgusting when it’s not boiled and rinsed before being doused with various cheeses.

Perhaps you shouldn’t trust me when I say the kale wasn’t good.

homework setup

My hours of homework yesterday (broken only by a freeeEEEEEzing trip to the gym to do intervals on the treadmill before dinner) were done at the kitchen table. Today I felt like a change of scenery, so i shifted everything 12 feet to the coffee table.

As I write this at 8:30 pm, I’m in my 10th hour on the floor (started at 8:30 am, took an hour off to run and another to walk the dogs and make and eat dinner).


I feel awesome.

avocado yum

After I’d been on the floor for awhile, Crockett took pity and made me toast with some pulled pork, avocado, and a fried egg.

I wonder if I stop cooking if he’d just take over.

Obviously I’d eat well.

vegetable pasta

We ate our brunch late (11ish), so neither of us got hungry for lunch. I ate some crackers before going to the gym, and that’s it.

At about six, I realized we’d both be starving in half an hour, and if I didn’t head us off at the pass, I’d desert my homework and we’d go out to eat.

I chopped up some summer squash and zucchini and a big tomato, tossed them with some olive oil and crushed red pepper and dried basil, and stuck them in the oven for half an hour. When they were almost done, I dumped half a bag of spinach penne into a pot of water.

When everything looked delicious, I threw it all into a bowl with some extra olive oil and some goat cheese.

It took maybe ten minutes of actual work, and was delicious.

two bowls pasta salad

Would I have been psyched to receive it somewhere like Noodles? Hell yeah.

Anything I would be pleased with at a fast casual dining establishment is a win when it comes out of my kitchen.


Now I’m back to practice exams – and therefore must have chocolate.

How was your weekend?


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  1. BD says:

    Pic #1 – Looking at the coldness outside.
    Pic #2 – Coffee and keyboard
    Pic #3 – Grape Nuts and warm milk (yum)
    Pic #4 – Tentacles. TENTACLES!!????

    (My spell checker suggested “testicles”)