flowers that smell like chocolate

tattoo sketch

There’s an orchid called ‘Sherry Baby‘. it’s tall and has small pink, red, or brown flowers.

It smells like chocolate.

boring arm

This is an arm, that sadly has no flowers on it.

Joy the artist

This is Joy. She’s going to help me rectify the boring arm situation.

Yes, yesterday I got a tattoo. Depending on how you count, it’s either my fifth or my seventh.

It’s still pretty scary.

tattoo gun

Mostly because you know someone is going to poke you with one of these and you’re not allowed to smack them and yell ‘dude, what the hell’.

sketch on arm

I spent four hours at the shop, but less than two involved the actual needle. First, Joy drew on my arm with magic marker for awhile, so we’d have a good idea of where the stems were going to go. We designed it so that it’s highly visible when my arm is at my side, but there’s a few little flowers on the inside for me to admire. (The wording is an existing tattoo that Joy did two years ago, that we sort of incorporated).

transfer flowers

After we had a good sense of where the stems would go, Joy used transfer paper to add the outline of some orchids that she’d sketched before I arrived. We moved them around a few times, so they’d be perfect. Below this picture are a few of the actual process, so if that grosses you out, close your eyes and scroll down to see how it turned out.


We shifted my arm around a few times, so she’d know where to start. (Crockett showed up at this point to be my photographer.)


Finally, we dove in.


I expected the inside of my arm to hurt, since it’s so soft and there are so many veins right there.

It was fine.

It practically tickled.

first flower

This is not bleeding – it’s the magenta ink that she used to fill in the first flower smeared all over my arm.


We finished the inside flowers and moved to the ones on the outside.

Those ones did NOT tickle.

Isn’t that odd? I thought the outside of my arm would be ready to take a beating – muscle stuff, you know? But damn did this hurt.

flowers done

After Joy finished the flowers, Crockett bailed and she and I started in on the stems and leaves.

final 1

All done! (The stems were terrifying. I had to lay on my stomach with my arm behind me, and I kept accidentally kicking my legs in reaction. Joy thought it was hilarious.)

top flowers final 2

She gave me care instructions, but I was giddily staring at my new flowers and not listening super well. (Don’t worry – I left with a care sheet too).


This morning, they’re clean and dry, but still pretty swollen (you can especially tell with the one on the left side, right over the edge of the table.) These two are the ones I can see easily – I especially love the top one, because it’s waving at me!

My whole lower arm feels like it’s covered with road rash, but I’m super pleased about how this came out.

Do you have any tattoos? What do you have, or what would you get if you took the plunge? (Crockett is a lifelong member of the perfectly respectable ink-free club, so if that’s how you roll, what’s your favorite tattoo that you’ve seen on someone else?)

Later – food! (I was STARVING after the tattoo – you’d think I ran a marathon or something.)



2 Responses to flowers that smell like chocolate

  1. BD says:

    No, no tattoos…. but you make it look inviting. Very pretty

  2. Awlbiste says:

    I’ve wanted another tattoo for AAAAGES. I am so super jealous you have multiple. Money just never seems to appear that I don’t need to spend on bills. is mine.