Parking on campus sucks.


I mean, it is reassuring to park next to a Jeep whose driver is apparently going to stop the zombie apocalypse. Other than that, though, parking sucks.

Here’s how it works. I have a ‘commuter’ pass, which means that for a mere $55 a semester I can park in two of the many lots on campus. One of the lots is right next to the computer center and a mere four blocks from my office – all campus blocks.

That lot has been cut in half, with one part given over to construction parking.

The half that remains is maybe 50 spaces.

It fills up eaaarrrrly.

The other lot is only a few blocks further out (maybe 7 total?) but it involves crossing two busy streets without stoplights.

I hate that lot.

The alternative is to park by the creek. Six blocks, up a serious hill on the way to campus but a skippy breeze after classes, no parking restrictions.

When I park by the creek, I get peeks of the brewery. I like a brewery early in the morning. It reminds me that it will eventually be happy hour.

After classes I went to the gym (ya me!) and then made a delicious veggie-full lunch.

All of a sudden I’ve been craving V8. I can only drink it if I water it down by about 50%, though – does it seem more like sauce than juice in its normal form to anyone else? Also, I add hot sauce. Because, come on.

Along with my watery spicy vegetable juice (god, it sounds so delicious when I put it that way, huh), I had a buffalo chik’n salad.


Speaking of happy hour…

I met my friend Yvonne at The Village Tavern at the Flatiron Crossing Mall. Because it was Wine Wednesday. (Yes, I just realized that I’m posting about Weds on Fri – yesterday there was a whole big incident and I accomplished nothing.) At the Tavern, wine wednesday means 50% off all wine by the glass.


I had two glasses – Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay and Clos du Bois Pinot Noir. I wasn’t in the mood to try something new, and I know I love them both – and they were there for me, like always.

We also had spinach dip, but it wasn’t good.

So there’s that.

P.S. Did you see the coaster for my veggie juice?

Sephora sent it to me to remind me that I am, technically, still a Beauty Insider – and that they miss me (and my money). A VIB is a person who spends more money than is reasonable at Sephora in any given year, in case you were wondering.

Of course I used this coupon to order some makeup.



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3 Responses to parking

  1. BD says:

    Something about V8…. brings on ever so slight a gag reflex. Don’t know why… I love tomato juice. Especially with some Tabasco in it. And/or vodka.

  2. Awlbiste says:

    Requesting recipe for buffalo chick’n salad. I mean it’s a salad… but I still need a recipe for it. I got some morningstar farms chick’n patties and I feel like I need to make your salad.

    • emma says:

      Do! It’s basically my favorite thing.
      It’s not much of a recipe, though.
      When I’m going all out, I chop up some celery and carrots, and I always chop the greens because I freaking hate having pieces of lettuce that are so enormous that they get dressing over the outside of your mouth when you try to eat them. (Possibly I’m not a good salad eater). The dressing is 4 parts blue cheese dressing to 1 part wing sauce, all mixed together. I use whatever greens I have, then toss the greens together with the dressing, carrots and celery while I’m microwaving the chick’n patty (I know the recommended way to cook is on the stove but so much of a pain in the ass for one tiny patty). Then I chop the patty into pieces (five rows and then rotate and five rows, actually) and toss it all together.
      Then I shovel it into my mouth at rapid speed.