it’s that time again

Yes, it’s school time again.

It’s also been a year since I had my first cholesterol test ever and they told me that I was basically about to die.

Fine. I’m exaggerating.

But it wasn’t good.

My doc recommended South Beach, and I tried for awhile, and then got cranky because I eat (fairly) well and I exercise and South Beach seems to be geared towards those who don’t. My dad has high cholesterol. My grandma had high cholesterol (and was in her 90s when she passed away).

Of course, they both took medication.

Anyway, I’m going to make an appointment tomorrow to see if last year was a fluke, or if eating more oatmeal somehow worked a miracle.

(Cough*I don’t know if oatmeal can touch 279 but I can sure hope*cough).

If it didn’t, I may consider medication.

Now that I said all that, let me show you the terrible care I’ve been taking of my heart this week.

Chips and beer at Chili’s. (Girl date.)

Steak with Crockett when I got home that evening. (That is the piece I ate, so at least I’m practicing good portion control. That’s important, right?) Plus, everyone knows avocados are full of heart healthy fats, and those sauteed greens with summer squash were done in a non-stick pan with just a smidge – a SMIDGE I say – of olive oil.

After that, I figured I had a window where my heart would be so busy with the steak that it wouldn’t even notice more red meat headed its way.

You know, how the second cookie totally has fewer calories than the first.

My dad brought me some venison green chili, made with venison that I pulled out of me and Crockett’s freezer. (It entered the freezer before I moved in and I’m not entirely sure where it came from.) Since I have no idea what to do with venison, I let my dad fool around with it.

I poached a couple of eggs directly in the chili and ate it on my way to school.

Turns out I like venison when it’s super hot. The closer it got to room temperature, the more it tasted like something you shot in the woods.

I didn’t finish it. If I’d been eating at home, I would have just kept nuking it and happily devoured the whole bowl.

Last night we had a birthday party to go to, and the night before we had snacks on the town (including frozen yogurt from The LoCoYo, a new do-it-yourself place in town that I would totally move directly into if I could).

Tonight I did two important things. First, I got back on the lean meat and lots of veggies bandwagon.

Second, as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received a sampel of the new¬†KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade. I actually used it as a marinade for pulled chicken that I put on a pizza way back before we left for NY, but a) I didn’t take pictures and b) the crust (homemade) was TERRIBLE – too salty and floppy and never really stopped being damp. Yeah, terrible. Tonight, I went simple.

Crockett was in Golden watching stage six of the US Pro Cycling Challenge until late afternoon, so I threw some mostly defrosted breasts into the marinade to throw on the grill when he got home.

Of course, by then it was raining, so ‘the grill’ became ‘the Foreman grill’.

Still totally worked. I ate mine with some of the light blue cheese dressing I’m madly in love with spread on top. Crockett just plain dipped bites of his into the dressing.

I am a huge fan of buffalo flavor (my favorite salad and my boyfriend both have their roots in Buffalo) and this doesn’t disappoint. This is the second pound of chicken I’ve used it on, and there’s probably another pounds worth in the bottle.

With it, we had tomato and cucumber salad with cornbread (based on this recipe). I made some substitutions (mint for the cilantro, reduced fat feta for the cojita, and crumbles of my dad’s cornbread recipe for the cornbread croutons) and it was perfect.

See? As along as you totally ignore the first two things meals I showed you, I am taking excellent care of my heart.

I hope my doctor doesn’t read this.

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4 Responses to it’s that time again

  1. Awlbiste says:

    Unless all of your pictures are a lie, somehow I doubt you are really doing anything that would give you high cholesterol. You eat mainly whole foods (if the blog is any indication) and high cholesterol has genetic elements!

    High blood pressure runs in my family (mother, grandmother, grandfather all take meds for it) and chances are I’ll get it when I’m older. My mom’s doctor told her to change her diet, lose weight, get more physical exercise, and guess what? Her blood pressure didn’t change at all. So they put her on medication however many years ago that was.

    Some crap you just can’t control no matter what. Oh, also this reminds me of about 4 years ago when I had a blood test come back positive for hypothyroidism, so I took meds for a year, then lost my insurance and stopped taking meds for a year, then had 2 yearly blood tests in a row come back at JUST FINE hormone levels. So, you know.

    • emma says:

      I’m not sure if I find this reassuring or not. I do know that heredity is super crucial in cholesterol. (And no, totally not hiding a bunch of beef jerky and … um, Ding Dongs and stuff behind the camera. Oh! Pork rinds! Those would totally give you high cholesterol, right? Yeah, I’m not eating a bunch of pork rinds.)

  2. BD says:

    84 – and I don’t think she did take meds for it. Maybe for a while, I don’t know. 279? 279??? If I had 279 I’d be eating ice cream three times a day…. bacon flavored ice cream, with mayo sauce on top.
    Just do what you can and if you need it and you’re comfortable taking it, do so. It didn’t agree with me and I had philosophical problems with being on it for the rest of my life (although I have taken BP meds for 20+ years… no obvious side effects for me to be upset about, so I do it.) Have a margarita dear……….